What To Do With a Big Box? – Make a Tunnel!

Another bonus of the never ending renovations is the never ending supply of big boxes! We haven’t even got the new kitchen appliances and already we’ve made a Lego town with one big flat box, and when the shower frame came out of it’s box (don’t get excited, that doesn’t mean we have a working shower yet!) I had plans for it!

This time the box was for the smallest member of our family.

The boy who doesn’t say any useful words such as ‘Mamma’ or ‘drink’ but who’s newest word is ‘hiding’.

“Where’s Noey?” his siblings ask him constantly.
And his reply is always…


Even though he is quite obviously not hiding.

Clearly he needed somewhere to hide, so we made him a tunnel.

make a box tunnel

This is as simple as it gets. It’s just a big box or large flat piece of cardboard. I roughly measured out thirds and scored a sort of straight line to fold along. Then I folded it into a triangle shape and taped it together.

make a box tunnel

Of course then my drawing mad big boy decided it needed to be decorated and we discovered it also made a lovely drawing surface.

make a box tunnel

And now Noey has somewhere to go when he is ‘hiding’!

Plus it’s lots of fun to crawl through the tunnel, to roll cars through it, or to curl up with a pillow and go to sleep… well for a second anyway!

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  1. says

    Beautiful photos! We love playing with boxes too. My older son had a d play house and a pentagon shaped cave. Unfortunately, we haven’t made any big purchases recently and my two year old, exactly the right age for a box, hasn’t had any yet.

  2. says

    Hi there Kate, I have been a lurker for way too long, love your blog very much! Just wanted to tell you!! :)

    Love the box idea, my boys love doing this sort of stuff too!

  3. says

    Ahha! Excellent, I was just wondering what to do when hubby gets back from Ikea tomorrow and we unpack the contents of the cardboard boxes! My girl would love a tunnel for the half term holiday!

  4. says

    This is an excellent post! The best toys are generally right under our noses. The tunnel looks like so much fun, and the photos just say it all. Have you read the post about “The 5 Best Toys” by Geek Dad? It is pretty funny. Box is number 2 on his list. :-)