Things I Need to Remember

Sometimes I find myself wishing my days away, especially the hard days.

But when you wish your days away there are so many things you forget… and there are so many things I need to remember.

The seemingly unimportant things, the little snatches of daily life things, the things that will one day make me smile in that glassy eyed way.

I need to remember….

I need to remember how lovely it is to hear the girls reading to each other in bed at night.

I need to remember how funny and beautiful Noah’s crazy, gibberish, high pitched language is.

I need to remember how wild and wonderful it is to be out in the rain.

I need to remember how proud I am to see my quiet boy go confidently to kinder (preschool).

What do you need to remember?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    I need to remember the way mr 1 tries to bite my big toe, and how he calls every animal a gog, and gives me his nose when I ask for a kiss. I need to remember how mr three throws his arms out, exclaiming ‘mummy, I love you big much’ and how when he’s tired he rolls around on the floor and calls nighttime ‘dark day’. There is so much I need to record. Thank you thank you for the reminder!

    • katef says

      oh love the nose kiss…. and those funny three year old phrases… definitely things you must remember!

  2. says

    Great post! And so true. Sometimes I need to remember just to REMEMBER. The present moment is really all we have and all we will ever have. Finding joy in the right now is so important to ours and our family’s lives.

  3. says

    Aww, that’s lovely… I am half way through two weeks of my husband away overseas and I am making an effort to appreciate the little things, when it all seems too much!

    • katef says

      he may be cute, but do you see the odd slightly greenish bits around his mouth? He wasn’t quite so cute when he ate the green texta!

  4. Milly says

    Totally relate to your post and by chance picked up a gift wrapped mystery pick Valentines Day book from the library which is on this topic and writes beautifully about the little pictures and scenes of beauty that happen in our lives/families and make us smile or feel love. FYI it is called “Worse things happen at sea” and is by William McInnes (actor) and Sarah Watts (now deceased screen writer and his wife).