Do You Do Handmade? Dapple Grey Give Away.

Someone special to me is having a baby soon-ish and I’ve been wondering about a gift for the new baby. It has to be something I can post, and something a little different, something a little special.

The shops are full of cute baby stuff, but I want to get something special, so I did what I usually do in these situations, I headed on over to Madeit.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Madeit is, it’s an online market place for all things hand made. Pretty much the Aussie version of Etsy. And since is it is stocked with Australian handmade goods, there is no exchange rate to worry about, you can be sure that everyone ships to Australia, and that your item will come pretty fast… which is a must for last minute shoppes like me. Plus it feels good to but handmade.

It feels good to support other ‘Work At Home Mums’ (WAHM) or artists earn some money from creative passions. I’d much rather pay a few dollars more and know the money is going to a real person, rather than getting something a little cheaper and have the money be eaten up by a giant corporation, often with questionable ethics.

So when I got an email asking if I might do a give away for a WAHM who makes gorgeous kids clothes, it was easy to say yes.

dapple grey

Joanne is the artist and seamstress behind Dapple Grey. Her MadeIt store is full of gorgeous kids clothing and hair accessories with more and varied items to come.

It is lovely to read the story behind Dapple Grey – of a grandmother and mother who passed on their skill and passion of sewing and of a ‘fashions on the field’ addict (and winner!) and of how Joanne came up with the name for her business. It’s stories like these that connect with me and inspire me to support small businesses and buy hand made.

Dapple Grey Items

Joanne is kindly offering a fabulous give away for Picklebums readers, up to $50 to be spent on any items in the Dapple Grey shop. – This competition is now closed, the winner has been notified and will be listed here soon.

To win you will need to leave a comment on this post, and tell me why you choose to buy handmade. The most creative, funny, or insightful comment will win.

To enter you must be an Australian resident and provide a valid email address. Entries are limited to one per household.
Entries close 6pm AEST Friday March 23rd 2012, the winner will be contacted by email and announced on this post. The winner must contact me within 5 days or the prize will be re-drawn. The winner’s contact details will be passed on to Dapple Grey and you will communicate directly with Joanne to choose your item(s) and arrange postage.

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    I love handmade products. I used to do alot myself in the past, but now life has been speeding up the sewing machine barely gets used for repairs! Though I did watch a video last night on how to create a felted owl. Presents that are handmade come with a different feel to them.
    Like that Italian pasta made with ‘love’ – somehow you can taste the difference :)

  2. says

    Well I would really prefer to do the making myself but with 3 little ones to entertain during the day and part time study to fill my evenings I have found buying handmade to be a really lovely compromise

  3. Lauren Burke says

    I love the thought that goes into handmade items, they are made with love by caring hands by someonewith a passion for creating. Not mass marketed in sweat shops using poor quality materials. I only wish a had a little more time and was a bit more creative, but my daughters really happy with her lazydayz skirts right now ! :)

  4. Rosie says

    I love handmade things :-) I find it so hard to find kids clothes that are made in Australia – handmade guarantees that!

    I would make it myself, but I really don’t have the time or the skill – It’s so much easier to have someone make it for me and still have that ‘handmade’ look and feel :-)

  5. says

    aw when I think about those mama’s out there sewing while someone chews on their leg or vomits in their shoe I think they are inspirational as I find it a full time job just having someone chew on my leg! so whoo hoo to them – why would you buy anything else!!

  6. Jane says

    I love the simplicity of handmade items. They always look so gorgeous on children and when my children wear handmade items we always get so many comments about them. It’s a great way to support wahms and buy Australian and look good!

  7. Justine says

    LOOVE Handmade!! They’re usually quirkier & funkier, and downright more awesome fun :) I love too, that my kids won’t look like anyone else when we’re out & about. I can buy things that reflect our interests too. Love supporting someone who’s got more time & talent than I do & helping them make their living :)

  8. Irena K says

    I love homemade things :) because its unique and chances are not many will have the same items. Wish I had skills and talents to make my own things but its not in my department :/

  9. Aly says

    I love to buy handmade so I can pretend that I made it of course!
    Then, when my friend has picked themselves up off the floor after collapsing in a fit of laughter (knowing I lack talents in the homemade supply closet), I tell them that I wanted to give them something from the heart and a lot of heart went into the preparation (and wrapping) of the gift. They are yet to find out that it’s actually my husband that wraps the gifts…
    It’s the thought that counts, right?

  10. says

    I just love handmade stuff and lately cringe whenever i see some of the clothes they are selling in the larger stores for young children! When did children’s clothes become mini adults clothes and why do we want this for our children?
    This is why i love handmade….who doesn’t love being able to add some rikrak to a pretty dress pattern their mum once made for them? Unfortunately since my twin girls came along my sewing has dwindled and i seem to get items finished finally only to realise we are entering the next season!
    Ah well, handmade is not about perfection, it’s about putting your own unique touch and love into something for someone special and that’s why i prefer it….i just need a little more time in the day….am sure that will happen soon…….!!!

    • Rosie says

      or you finish making them, only to realise that your child (in my case my youngest daughter) has well and truely grown out of them (by a couple of sizes)!! Oh well :-)

  11. says

    How beautiful are those pictures of the Hand Made items!
    I need to confess, I am a guilty Grandma. A grandma who CANNOT for the life of her handmake something for her grandchildren.
    Oh, alright I did once. In 1996 my DD (also a Kate!) told me she was expecting her first chld! After screaming and hugging her, I went silent.
    I was thinking. But I cannot be a grandmother if I cannot sew or knit this baby anything. all grandmas make stuff, right! So, with this can-do attitude, I bought white wool, knitting needles and a pattern. Onward & upward. Making a jacket for this new(& first!) grandchild would make me eligible to be called Grandma!!
    3, 4, 5, months on I has started, unpicked, restarted this jacket. My mum (bless her) did her best with me, her cacky-handed daughter to rectify mistakes….by the baby shower for my daughter, I had finished it! Yay. For a middle of summer baby. It was used once. Then it became one for the dollies.
    All of this leads to why I love handmade I can purchase …… Because there’s no handmade In me! Said daughter above is having her 4th child at the endo of April. And “it’s a girl” so those photos on here Kate, look like they’d be awesome in real life and I’m hoping you may choose me! Out of pity of course. Denyse

  12. Danielle Carpenter says

    There is nothing better than a home made piece of clothing for your kids…everyone comments on how lovely they look and how unique the piece is! My mum (Nan) makes a lot of pieces for my kids and I will always choose to put something handmade on my cuties rather than a mass produced, brand-promoting item. Plus us stay at home mums need to support each other!!

  13. Renee says

    Handmade has that personal touch and you just know that someone has taken the time to sit down and create something beautiful just for you

  14. kerry santillo says

    Handmade items, a one of a kind,
    all the colours and textures combined,
    to see a little face full of smiles
    knowing that she has her own little style ?

  15. claire evans says

    its always beautiful and always different. Great colours, designs and my kids love them, because they are the only ones who own themxx