Becoming a More Positive Parent.

Lately there have been way too many days when I have wished for bedtime before 9am.

Too many days when I’ve made less than wonderful decisions.

Too many days when the arguments start before I even get them home from school.

Too many slammed doors, raised voices, and ‘in a minutes’ that never happen.

Lately there have been way too many days when I have finally crept into bed and tried to pretend the day didn’t happen.

It’s that doom and gloom cycle that sometimes happens where you just can’t see an end to the troubles, or find a better way to deal with things… Even though you know there is a better way.

I think my resources need topping up… or perhaps I just need to take some time out to work on being a better parent.

So I’m signing up for Amanda Morgan’s new E-Course Parenting with Positive Guidance (affiliate link).

positive parenting ecourse

I always read Amanda’s blog Not Just Cute and nod my head till it falls off. Often she is not writing about things that are new to me, but it’s the way she explains them, the slightly different points of view, the updated information… She just has a way of putting things that makes sense, and helps me see things in a new way.

I think that might be just what I need right now. That, and a commitment to spend some time on being a better parent.

Amanda’s course runs over four weeks and includes video classes, discussion forums and more. As well as her fabulous ebook Parenting with Positive Guideline and a second ebook Patience for Parenting. There is no requirement to watch the videos at a set time or pace, so this should work well for those of us on the other side of the world, and to fit it in around everything else in life.

Registration is open until the class starts on April 4th.

You can find out more information here

Do you feel like you need a little shove in the right direction? Or just a chance to reflect or chat about this stuff with others?
Then why don’t you join me and take the course too… this is the first time I’ve done an e-course I’d love to see some friendly faces!

Disclosure – I am part of Amanda’s affiliate program for the Positive Parenting E-course. That means if you click on one of the links in this article, or on the ad in my side bar and register for the course I will get 40% commission. You can also visit Amanda’s blog and register without using an affiliate link.

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  1. says

    Hi Kate

    What a great idea.

    “I think my resources need topping up… or perhaps I just need to take some time out to work on being a better parent.” – I think if you are considering doing a course like this you are already a better parent – but we all need practical help, the resources that you mentioned topping up, to manage situations differently.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Aly says

    Hi Kate,

    I recently discovered Amanda’s website and like you, often sit there nodding my head and really enjoying her perspective. Her ebook has really helped my husband and I to create a positive environment for our daughter that incorporates non-aggressive discipline. I’m hoping to do the course too (new baby arriving soon = limited funds). I hope you’ll do a follow up post on how the course affected you. To anybody else reading this, if you don’t already follow Not Just Cute, try it out! She really is wonderful.

  3. says

    It’s funny. I was only thinking tonight “Another night where I feel like I have let my kids down and wish the day had gone differently and had a attitude better”

    I think I may have to check this out. Thanks for sharing. And for making me feel that I’m not the only one.