It’s seems I have settled on a Friday posting theme… Remembering.

These posts are all about noticing the little things, the things that might otherwise be lost in all the day to day craziness.

These posts are about finding the wonderful in among all the piles of washing and and whinging.

These posts are about loving today and not always wishing for tomorrow.

These posts are about not forgetting.

This week I need to remember…

The way he calls him ‘Dad-un’. Not ‘Dadda’ not ‘Daddy’ but “Dad-UN”.

The way he calls her “Doo-Doo”.

The way he refuses to say anything that even remotely resembles the word “Izzy” and how much she wishes he would.

The way he copies the exact tone and inflection of the big kids when he says “Mu-um, Mu-um, Mu-um, Mu-um”.

The way he claps and yells “Yay.. YAY!” whenever he hears clapping, or when a song or some music ends.

The way he says good night to his toes as I zip them into his sleeping bag – “Tat-tar toes”

The way he chats with the chooks… “Hey-oh Chookins. Dook dook dook…”

I need to remember how glorious and amazing it is when a non-speaking baby becomes a chatty toddler.

What do you need to remember?

Feel free to write your own remembering post, or leave a comment telling me your rememberings. There is no rules, no time frames, no official linky… but if you’d like to join in, please do! If you blog a remembering please leave me a comment with the link so I can come read it and I’ll share your link here next week too.

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    Ooooh, those first ‘words’ are divine aren’t they?! And once they can speak clearly and fluently it’s so easy to forget the gorgeous way they pronounce things.

    Our 14 month old is desperate to speak. He has about 15 ‘words’ that are mostly just sounds that sound similar to words. I need to remember to write them down, or even better, record him saying them. Beautiful prompt this week!

  2. says

    It’s definitely a fun time. I have to admit my baby Zander could / would say Livi for months but refused to say Tom, his brother was devastated. I told him that’s what he gets for harrassing the crap out of him, like big brothers do. Finally he said it and now he pines for him when he is at kinder, all I hear is Tommyyyyyyy. Izzy’s turn will come. lol.

  3. says

    It is important to write these things down. We have recently pulled out some old video of the kids. We spent the whole viewing saying “I’d forgotten about that”.

  4. kathleen says

    I am right there with you! My daughter is 3 1/2 and she says the funniest stuff! My new years resolution this year is to write down something cute she says a few times a week and turn it into a coffee table book for her at the end of the year. Not only so she can have it for the rest of he life but so I never forget how adorable she is at this age!!