Lets Build Lego! – Lego Building Competition and Give Away.

My kids adore Lego.

I adore Lego.

Lego is bordering on some kind of magic in our house.

Lego is something all three of my big kids can do together, and it engages them all for a long time. Not only that, but when they play Lego they seem to magically become nice to each other. They help each other and encourage each other. There is no bickering, no whining, and I sit there in awe and wonder if I should just empty my entire bank account and buy more and more Lego!

lego competition building

Lego is featuring a lot on our ‘things to do in the Easter holidays’ list.

Our Thirty Minute Challenges almost always involve Lego and save my sanity daily during the holidays. And now we have a new challenge…

Lego Australia and Toyworld are looking for Australia’s best Lego builder! The winner gets a trip to Lego Land! And while my kids are excited by that, they are more excited by the idea of winning more Lego!

So yesterday we sat down and came up with some ideas. We drew some plans, and then started to build.

Lego pyramid

A pyramid, complete with sight-seers.

lego dinosaur

And a dinosaur with a cave man riding on his back!

If you want to enter the Lego Australia Building Championships, all you have to do is build your best Lego construction, take two identical photos of it to a Toyworld Store and fill in the entry form. Find out more details at the Toyworld site.

To help you get started I have ten (yes 10!) Mini Helicopter Lego sets to give away.

Lego Helicopter

These little sets come with blocks and instructions to build a helicopter, sea plane or tug boat!

To win a Mini Helicopter Lego set leave a comment on this post and tell me what your kids would make if they entered the Lego building competition. My kids will help me pick the ten most interesting answers to win.

This competition is now closed. Because we need to choose ten winners, and because the pickle kids are picking them, it may take a little while for winners to be notified and names to be posted here. Thanks for your patience.

To enter you must be an Australian resident and provide a valid email address. Entries are limited to one per household.
Entries close 6pm AEST Tuesday April 10th 2012, the winner will be contacted by email and announced on this post. The winner must contact me within 5 days or the prize will be re-drawn. The winner’s contact details will be passed on to One Green Bean PR who mail prizes directly to the winners.

{Disclosure : I was not compensated in anyway for this post, however we were given some other Lego sets which my kids and I will review in a few weeks. The ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own. }

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Sarah McLachlan says

    Hello, to quote my 7yo directly, “I would build a fleet of micro scaled space ships, because I’m really good at them”.

    • Gerd says

      My son Liam is going to built his own design Star Wars Speeder, he’s mad about everything Star Wars

  2. says

    My son Louis (5) would probably build a Lego factory, hoping that it would magically create more Lego for him to play with. He spends his every spare moment tinkering with his Lego, imagining, inventing, creating. Best toy we’ve ever had.

  3. Cass says

    Sam came up with two great designs yesterday – a disco plane and a cafe plane! The cafe plane was complete with wine glass, fire extinguisher, weapon (if they get attacked) and store room. The disco plane had stairs, a disco (of course!), and a control room. I love lego immensely and love when Sam uses his imagination and comes up with such wonderful designs.

  4. says

    My nephew is mad about all machines at the moment. His favourite is a tree mulcher (his council is currently doing its curbside chipping). His mother had to help him build a mulcher out of cardboard boxes. Surely lego would be easier. What ever he would make I can guarantee it will be some kind of obscure machine.

  5. Jeneane says

    My big boy (8) thinks that he’d make a giant lego alien that was 20cm tall and a space station for him to live in. It would have to be AT LEAST 30 or 40 ft. Or cm. He’s not sure :)

  6. Amy says


    My little man is currently obsessed with construction cranes – so I am thinking a crane for sure! It would be ‘the tallest ever mummy’ and I predict something along the lines of ‘look mummy, it even has a snake hanging from the hook’!!!

  7. Joanne says

    My daughter would make a mini helicopter… We don’t own any leggo yet, so this would be her first!!!!

  8. says

    I’m fairly certain that Ruben, just turned 2 yesterday, would like to build some rubbish trucks with Lego. So far he has built rubbish trucks from Duplo, other big blocks, rubber blocks, a wooden construction kit, using cardboard and using the arms of a toy monkey (still attached to the monkey, don’t worry), so I’m pretty sure it would be rubbish trucks again with Lego! And then he would run around yelling “tip the bin!” at the top of his voice.

  9. says

    My son Oliver who has just turned 4 loves loves Lego and has developed great fine motor skills from his Lego play in which can keep him occupied for hours. He would build for the Lego competition either a pirate ship or a rocket. These are his current interests but it wouldn’t surprise me what his little curious mind decided to build!

  10. says

    Without a doubt my 5 year old would build some kind of boat. Its his favourite thing to build and then of course he has to fill a sing with water to test out if the boat will float.

  11. says

    Without a doubt my 5 year old would build some kind of boat. Its his favourite thing to build and then of course he has to fill a sink with water to test out if the boat will float.

  12. Michelle Vamvas says

    My eldest daughter, aged 7, loves Lego.
    She was so amazed to find out that there are theme parks with a Lego theme called Legoland.
    So when I asked her what she would create; she told me that she would make her own replica of a Legoland theme park, complete with rollercoasters, rides, and statues! I’d love to see that masterpiece!

  13. Belinda says

    Cars, petrol station, fire truck, tow truck and a dragon regularally feature in the daddy / son lego building sessions so I am sure the 4.5 year old would build something along those lines for a masterpiece for a competition and also for mummy to tread on at 3.30am when she gets home from work!

  14. says

    I love lego and its on our list of things for birthdays this year as everyone is getting to the lego age. I asked my kids what they would build, My daughter (6) would build a car/plane. One that could drive on the road and then take off when you wanted to fly. That way you could park it at home. My Son (4) decide a helicopter that puts out fires and fill swimming pools and our youngest (3) would build a butterfly cage. I really must get these guys some lego.

  15. Michelle Harris says

    A Lego town she’d love to build
    With malls, seats and fountains too
    She get her people to shop around
    Buying lollys, cakes and ice cream too
    Then return home with gifts for a few

  16. Milly says

    My two boys would most likely build a safari zoo – with different animal enclosures around the house and a train for the zoo visitors to ride on to get around the zoo. They would also build some sort of car or truck for the keepers to get about in and carry animal food. Keeps them busy for ages. They have even attempted a chair lift ride before using lego and some rope.

    Cheers, Emily

  17. Rosemary says

    My 5 year old would probably build a house with a fully equipped kitchen. He wants to build kitchens when he is really old (like his dad and I). Do lego make little kitchen accessories, that would be cool?

  18. Rebecca Hillcoat says

    My kids make houses for their their Zhu Zhu guinea pigs to put them in so they are safe at night.

  19. Andrea says

    my 13 year old daughter would try and turn a photo into a Lego masterpiece.
    she is always trying to come up with new ideas for Lego creations and this would be a great prize for her.

  20. Di says

    An enormous pyramid, one colour per each layer!! They’re fascinated with them since Grandpa taught them how to build them.

  21. Ernie says

    A massive solid ball. Lately they’ve been trying their hardest to make as perfect a ball as possible out of lego! It keeps them out of mischief!!

  22. SImone N says

    My 7yo son, would make anything army from make believe tanks , guns, warships and planes he is at that stage.

    MY Miss 4 and 5yo would be making animals and furniture for their dolls I would imagine

  23. Tanene says

    A train! My daughter is really crazy over anything train like. She played with her friend Logan’s lego and they made bridges to go over the train set :)

  24. Judith says

    My 9 years ols is a lego lover so he said he is gogin to build his own room with lego and decorate the walls and all

  25. Rosslyn Tadd says

    In vehicles my son’s obsessed. As long as it has wheels he feels success. Lego is his best friend and construction his favourite activity. For fine motor skills, mathematical concepts, creativity and language development Lego is the best.

  26. Chrissy says

    Jai who is 3 would like to build a Land Rover Discovery and Defender, with big wheels and mud tyres to be the best 4WD lego toy ever.

    Jace is 5 and he would build the biggest tower in the world with different colors for each side that only Giants could see the top of with a mirror on top that they could see if they were handsome or not.

  27. Anne says

    Our 6 year old son would build something with wheels most likely a transporter truck for taking tractors etc to other “farms” to help out. He just loves his Lego and is very inventive when it comes to building all sorts of things

  28. Maria says

    My niece would undoubtedly build….wait for it….a cow! She’s obsessed with them at the moment.

  29. Michelle Boehm says

    My little boy would build the Tug Boat for sure!
    By his thinking, then he’ll be allowed to take it in the bath with him!

  30. Serene says

    Son no.1 says he’d build a poo, son no.2 says he’d build a bum and my daughter said she’d build a flower… in the event we win, I’m sooo giving this prize to my daughter lol!

  31. Louise says

    My kids would build a road with a digger and backhoe – they being boys seem fascinated with road machinery atm!

  32. Amanda W says

    A crocodile guards the treasure
    as well as a shark for good measure.
    A treasure lays -never been seen before
    laying peacefully on the watery floor.
    Built out of lego, the city Atlantis
    it would be a lego sight you wouldn’t want to miss!

  33. says

    My Master 6 will undoubtedly build a fort -boring right? No…not just any fort, but a fort for all his Lego stuff (Ninjago, Star Wars) so that the two worlds can collide and live harmoniously (or not) ever after.

  34. claire evans says

    a lorax, as they love dthe film, they would build trees and a forest for all his friends

  35. Ozemutha says

    I’m sure my son would make a Cricket stadium, if he is not building lego he is playing cricket.

  36. says

    They would make a palace, castle and farm. I can see them building a place fit for kings and queens with a HUGE farm. I love a bit of royalty

  37. Tony Avery says

    My sons favourite show is Ben 10 – so it would most probably be some kind of alien type construction and I’m sure with his imagination the lego men would become the characters from Ben 10!

  38. Keren says

    My boys would make a giant computer and giant robot so they could use the computer to programme the robot (with dads help) to do their chores and clean their rooms.

  39. Sarah Appleton says

    My 2 year old is obsessed with broomers (cars) so no doubt thats what we would be building all day long.

  40. Rachel says

    My kids would make a huge storage shed complete with shelving to store all their awesome lego pieces.

  41. Katrina C says

    My 4 year old son would probably build an alien of some sort. He loves Ben 10 at the moment!

  42. Fiona says

    Definately some sort of mystical land with mystical creatures – a vivid imagination is good right?

  43. says

    we are huge Lego nerd-fans here at our place!
    for the Lego comp. my boy wants to build “a giant police crane that lifts the bad guys in and out of their hideout and into jail”. and my little girl “a cake for Snow White”.

  44. Kirsty says

    My two boys say they would build a treasure island full of pirate to stop anyone stealing the loot!

  45. says

    My son would like to build a full size cubby house out of Lego including a secret hiding trunk for stashing those important toys

  46. Jo C says

    Massive Lego fans here too. My three have been discussing how to build a big Lego fairyland with mushrooms, flowers, gnomes, pixies and trees but are a bit stuck on how to do fairy wings and unicorns!

  47. says

    My girl suggested a lego spaceship (but she also quite honestly said that her dad would build most of it…. he will never ever grow out of lego!)