Nothing Ever Goes Wrong?

nothing ever goes wrong

In my world nothing ever goes wrong….

When I first came across that quote I took it literally and dismissed it instantly.

Not in my world.

In my world often everything goes wrong.

Well Ok, maybe not everything… but sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong.

Or perhaps that should be that nothing is going right.

That’s more my life.

Or is it?

Am I really so self-centred and negative to think that there are times when nothing is right in my life?

Nothing? Nada? Zip?

Not one right thing?

Even when things are at their lowest, even when it feels like everything is going wrong, it never really is.

Things can be bad, really bad, but they are never all bad.

There is always something positive somewhere, if you look for it. There is always something you can learn, even from the really bad stuff. There is always something wonderful hiding under all the difficult crap, something good.

Even the ‘wrong’ can be right in some small way.

It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to dig you way out from under all the wrong so you can see the right.

But I kinda think the digging is the important bit. If I can keep digging for good when everything around me is crap…. then nothing in my life ever goes wrong.

Can you find the positive in bad situations?
How do you ‘keep digging’ when you trapped under piles of crap?

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  1. says

    I’m virtually an expert at this these days – I have to work at looking at positives to keep my head above water and not go back where I was. I think a lot about the things I want from each day, what will make me lie in bed happily at the end of it, and I make sure I do it. Just do it.

    And when things go wrong, I have a little sulk and then get over it. I can’t keep thinking that things are the end of the world.

  2. says

    I wish I had read this yesterday. I could have used the perspective because it seemed like everything was going wrong. It’s so hard to not get frustrated.

  3. says

    Yes, as much as I resist, I can eventually see the positives of bad situations. I wonder about that quote though.. is it just a perspective… or is he/she not being real? I guess you answered it.. keep digging until we find the good. A hard thing to do.