Make A Crown! – Free Printable Crown Template

There are a lot of different crowns in our house, but according to Morgan, none of them are ‘Kingly enough’.

Our original printable tiara template was not right. Apparently a King’s crown needs a spot for a really big jewel at the top, and it’s more pointy.

Armed with these instructions I set to work creating a new printable crown template.

And then Morgan set to work painting it.

make a crown

I love our recycled marker paints and some cotton buds for a quick and easy painting activity like this!

You can download our free printable crown template here.

The beauty of these crowns is that you don’t need to find a piece of card or paper long enough to go around a head! Simply open the pdf file and print the crowns straight onto an A4 (letter sized) piece of card or paper. Decorate your crowns, cut around them and punch a hole at each side. Attach some string or elastic sized to fit your head and you’re done.

And apparently this is what a real king looks like…

make a crown

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    My little daughter liked Morgan’s crown a lot. We have already downloaded the template and now decorating it :) Thanks for sharing it :) Best wishes.