Remembering a time…

Every now and then time seems to slow.

It’s almost as if the flow of time is hampered by the scattering of cars across my floor, the laundry baskets piled one on top of another, and the miscellaneous shoes in odd places.

Perhaps time knows that every now and then it needs to wait a little, while I catch up.

But it doesn’t slow in the crazy moments when you wish it would…

Last night’s bedtime routine was crazy. There was bruised heads, and books to be read, and pajamas without buttons, and a late realization that I didn’t have anything for school lunches.

I’d promised to have an early night, but when I crawled into bed it was 11:50.

Last night was one of those nights when everyone woke and needed me, one after the other. Coughs and cries and bad dreams and when I finally put my big boy back in his bed at 4am… when the house was finally peaceful, time slowed.

I lay there feeling the warm hollow my big boy had left in the bed beside me and time went all wonky.

baby in hammock

I remembered the time when my small boy cried and cried and cried the first night we were home from hospital. I remember how worried I was when he slept 8 hours straight as a four week old, and how fleetingly that lasted.

my big boy

I remembered a time when my big boy used to rub my arms when he fell asleep. I remembered the way he grunted in his sleep to let me know he needed more milk.

sleeping twins

I remembered a time when my newborn girls, so tired from simply breathing, rarely opened their eyes. I remembered finally bringing them home and tucking them in, side by side, in the one cot.

I remembered a time, before I was a parent, when cold weather on the weekend meant only getting out of bed to get more food.

I remembered a time, as a child, needing to have talk back radio playing all night, because if the robbers came they would hear people talking and go away.

And I thought how strange life is. How much life changes, and how much it stays the same.

And them time moved on again… but at least for a moment it let me stop and remember.

What are you remembering?

Feel free to write your own remembering post, or leave a comment telling me your rememberings. There is no rules, no time frames, no official linky… but if you’d like to join in, please do! If you blog a remembering please leave me a comment with the link so I can come read it and I’ll share it.

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  1. says

    So sweet, so touching (not the LOSING sleep part! at least you had a good excuse!). Love the pictures! And so true… that when my son started sleeping through the night in those early days, I was terrified of opening the door to his room because of SIDS. But then he started flipping and flopping at night, common with Down syndrome. Still and all, what’s my excuse for not getting a full night’s sleep? Oh, don’t even get me started!

  2. says

    Gorgeous pictures and post Kate, I wish time would slow down! It just seems to fly by so fast as my children grow. My big boy starts school next year. I wish I could stop time and keep him young,innocent and sweet for longer. My baby is fast becoming a little boy and pushing away my hands as he explores the world more by himself. This is prompting me to get my photos sorted from the last year for the boys photo books so at least we can look back together and remember.

  3. says

    love love love kate! So true! SOmetimes time just flies by and we forget and we need to stop and remember. I know very very soon these little moments with my newborn will be priceless memories! We must treasure them, even those sleepless nights xx

  4. Nat - Muddy Farmwife says

    I so love this post. It captures it so perfectly. For me it is generally that calm in the middle of the night when all the kids are sleeping that time slows and I remember. Thanks for putting it into such lovely words.