Online Things

The big kids are outside chasing the chickens (what’s left of them after the fox attacked this week in broad day light!) and the small child is playing with the trains and I am putting off doing other things… so thought I’d share some of the things I’ve enjoyed online this week.

Where’s My Glow – Weekend Whine
Noey LOVED Glow’s vlog, kept saying “oooh preeettty”.

Edenland – Being a Mother is not the Most Difficult Job on the Planet.
Just when you think she can’t amaze you any more, she does it all over again.

Pigtail Pals: Redefine Girly!
This blog is an interesting read for anyone who has girls in their life.

I think I might cook these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars… and maybe this Cinnamon Sugar Bread. (In reality I am cooking these Pizza Pockets instead)

What things have you been enjoying online?
Share a link or two…

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  1. says

    Half your Pigtail Pals link text went on strike, link is still there which is the main thing right? ;) Don’t you have dogs?

    Does (mostly) enjoying making online things count? I’ve been up to about a metre above my head in php/html/s/css (and occasionally forgetting I’m not using scss in the huge project and wondering why my code isn’t working), just come up for air today. Should launch one of my sites this week sometime and Imma 3d for a while :)

  2. says

    This sounds just like a day in my life! My 2 sons are either chasing our chickens or playing with trains and cars. I’m excited to read more of your blog!

  3. Nic says

    Okay, coming back to say I finally made the cinnamon sugar bread you linked in this post and YUMMMMMMM delish.