Oil Pastels + Oil = Paint!

oil pastels

I’ve been day dreaming my way through a lovely art book I borrowed from the library. One day I will have time, and space, to try some of these things, to create something, I tell myself. Then I snapped out of wishful thinking mode and realised that I could play around with ideas now, and in fact, lots of them would be fun for the kids to explore and experiment with too! And that’s how we discovered the magic of oil pastels and oil…

What You Need…
Oil pastels
Oil – we used olive oil because we live next door to an olive grove.
Water Colour paper, or some nice heavy-ish paper
cotton buds (it’s what we call q-tips)

What to Do…
Draw a picture with lots of strong, bright colours!

oil pastels

Dip your cotton bud in a little bit of oil, wipe off the drips then rub it over your drawing and watch the oil pastels magically turn to paint!

oil pastels and oil

You can blend colours together easily, or use a different cotton bud for each colour to keep them separate.

oil pastels

It’s a bit like using water colour pencils but the colour is lovely and bright!

This activity is easy, not very messy and loads of fun!

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  1. Janice @ learning4kids says

    What a FAB idea!! I love your magic paint and can’t wait to try it out with the kids!

  2. says

    How have I not thought of this before? I have all the stuff for this activity too! Yay, I can feel some creative juices flowing. I may love this activity as much as the kidlets!

  3. says

    This is fabulous! :) Great to get Miss Daisy to start tracing and using those fine motor skills a little more in her art! :) Thanks for sharing! Pinned it and will let you know how we go!

  4. says

    This is one we haven’t tried! I think we’ll add it to our yearly Spring Flower art projects. Thank you Kate for sharing :D