This Week…

This week has been about….

clucky hen
… a clucky hen without any fertile eggs

… quiet nights without the constant whirr of the heater.

monsters, good and bad.

… no internet or no electricity, or both!

… a cubby house in the sunshine

… long strings of green toddler snot

… painting walls until my arms go numb

… electricians who start at 7am

… a kitchen slowly emerging from boxes

…trying to turn my whinges and complaints into something more positive.

… a house full of owls after Zoe started reading the Guardians series of books

What has your week been about?

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  1. says

    great pics! You guys are brave- I can’t bring myself to do any home improvement projects….the mess would drive me nuts but i know it is worth it in the end! Good luck with yours!

  2. says

    I’ve been at school, all day, every day. Between that and trying to walk places instead of use the car, I’m exhausted. My body isn’t used to so much excercise or full time work. On the bright side the grade 5/6 students got $500 worth of new books thanks to my efforts and we can fund free fruit Friday for the whole school next year. Not bad for a weeks work.

    • katef says

      Wow that is impressive. My girls lament the loss of ‘fresh fruit Friday’ .. it is the one thing that makes them stand in solidarity with their teachers when they strike, they hate to miss out on school but they hate to miss out on Fresh Fruit Friday too! LOL

      • says

        I’m just thrilled about the Fruit Friday thing because my girls try food at school they never would at home. Books and fruit, that is what school is all about.