Design Your Own Printable Masks

We are living in that limbo land with a kid who is too sick for school, but not sick enough to just lay around on the couch and do nothing… Time for a quiet activity to fill in the hours till her sister gets home, designing our own printable masks!


Izzy came up with the idea of making a base mask and having all kinds of options you could add on so that’s what we did. These printable masks have a basic mask shape and then various ears, a top hat and a crown for you to pick from.

mask template

We used our favourite art technique – crayon resist, using oil pastels and water colours to colour our selected pieces.

making masks

Once they were dry we cut out all the bits and pieces and decided what went with what.

making masks

I cut out the eye holes by folding the eyes slightly and making a snip in the middle so I could cut them with scissors but you could use a craft knife. Then just punch holes next to the eyes and add some wool to tie them on… done!

making masks

bunny mask

And of course, we can’t make a printable without sharing it.
You can download the printable maks pdf here or click the arrow link at the bottom right corner of the box below, or click the printer icon at the bottom right corner of the box below to print straight from this page.

making masks

We made a bunny, a Loch Ness Monster (with a top hat on) and the cutest little bear you’ve ever seen.

What will you make?
If you make a mask with your kids (or for you) I’d love for you to share a photo of it on my facebook page

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Alice says

    thank you, these printables seem to come at exactly the right time for us of late! I really appreciate you sharing them.

  2. Tracey says

    I just printed these off and Lachie saw them and asked what they were. I showed him your blog and his response was……”but who drew them” I said Kate and he said just for us wow!!!! See you are wow!!!!

  3. says

    These are just so adorable! Love the idea of the “create-your-own”.. my daughter would be totally into that! We’ll be making some of our own as soon as I buy more printer ink! haha. Sharing on FB.

  4. says

    Thanks so much Kate…i have been wanting to do some masks with the girls to test whether Ruby will handle the pressure around her head and haven’t found any that aren’t huge…love that they can personalise these…know what we are doing on the weekend now…love your printables!!And i hope the sickness passes quickly!

  5. Julie Budge says

    thank you so much for your fantastic pintables..I run a pre-school and these are fantastic resources for my little ones
    thank you again