Our Ten Favourite Easy Painting Activities

easy painting activities

My kids love to paint. Come to think of it I quite like to paint too, which is probably the real reason we do it so often.

While I like to paint I don’t like to spend ages setting up or cleaning up fancy activities. My goal is for it to be fun and easy, for everyone.

Here are ten of our favourite, easy painting activities…

cotton bud paintingCotton Bud Painting – so easy and really not much mess at all.

blow paintingBlow Painting – A few straws and a whole lot of fun.

bubble paintingBubble Painting – this one is a little messy but loads of fun.

ice paintingIce Painting- the perfect activity for a hot day.

magic paintingMagic Painting- just like crayon resist but with a white wax candle, so you can’t see it till you paint over it!

finger paintingFinger painting – splodge some paint on a plastic covered table top and enjoy!

dropper paintingDropper Painting – I enjoyed this as much as the kids did!

squish paintingSquish Painting - this is an all time favourite in our house.

painting on foilPainting on Foil – so simple yet one of my most popular posts of all time.

experimenting with water coloursExperimenting with Water Colours – two water colour activities to try.

Do you like to muck around with paint?
What’s your favourite painting activity?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    Love these suggestions. It’s great to have some easy, different ways to paint when you need to think up an activity quickly. Sharing :)

  2. katie says

    thanks for the fabulous collection! we love painting too… the spray bottles (with paper pegged to the fence) are always popular over here. my son has also coined the phrase ‘slip painting’ – whenever we get hold of a giant piece of cardboard (we now collect them from friends/family when they buy appliances etc) we splat acrylic paint across the cardboard, and my two monkeys strip off and ‘slip’ all over it. it doesn’t fall under the category of ‘clean’ painting… but it makes for lots of giggles, two paint covered children (usually hair and all!), and some fabulous abstract art. we put jackson pollock to shame :)

  3. says

    It is great to see so many lovely art creations, paint and draw and smile, CREATIVE JUICES always QUENCH the boredom thirst… love all the painting on foil art work.. FANTASTIC…

  4. says

    All my favourites too and yet i had forgotten some of them…now it’s atig up i ahve got to try some ice painting with the girls…interested to see how my sensory gal tolerates it! Thanks for sharing a great round up Kate!

  5. says

    Love to paint at our house not just the kids but me too. I use it a lot at work, great way for kids to relax, have fun and get them talking whilst they are doing something fun xx

    • Katey @ playing and learning begins at home says

      What a wonderful collection of painting ideas! Some of our favourites are in that collection too!