Arrgghh! Christmas! Ten Easy Gifts to make for Kids

arrghh christmas

This year we are encouraging our kids to make each other a small gift. With the help of me, or their dad, they are each working on three small gifts to give their siblings. The girls have more elaborate, and very secret plans, but even the two year old is helping to make a big batch of microwave play dough for his brother and sisters.

We are trying not to get too carried away with this project as it’s busy enough at this time of year without any extra pressure, but my hope is by spending a little time thinking about and making something for their siblings, maybe, just maybe, they will appreciate them more and fight less? I can dream can’t I?!?

Without giving away too many secrets here are some of the ideas we’ve found for easy gifts to make for kids.

easy gifts to make for kids

Story Stones from My Little Bookcase.

No Sew Pencil Roll from Small and Friendly

Shoe Box Dolls House from My Poppet

Tree House - inspired by Childhood101 and Let the Children Play

Tin Can Drum from Kids Activities Blog

Felt Hair Clips from Angry Chicken (image above is from when we made these.)

A letter writing set – print out our freebirdy set or the free monster set.

Make box dress-up wardrobe from Childhood101

Bug necklace from Mini-Eco

A scribble initial t-shirt from Aesthetic Nest.

Do your kids give each other gifts?
Or do you make hand made gifts for others?

Here’s a list of even more homemade gifts for kids from last year, and a post from a long time ago with some of the other handmade gifts we’ve made.

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  1. says

    What a great post. Such a lovely idea to have the kids make gifts for one another. I’ll have to start that tradition in my house :)

  2. says

    I love that your kids are making gifts for their siblings and these are some great ideas. I especially love the story stones. I’ll be pinning this post and trying some of these ideas with my kids.

  3. says

    Some lovely ideas and inspiration there Kate!I do like to give handmade gifts but time doesn’t seem to be on my side this year….who took the last few months?

  4. says

    This is a great round up Kate. All of our gifts this year for family and friends will be either baked goods from me or something hand made from my son. There’s lots of inspiration here. Thanks!