Playdough Activity – Building with Playdough and Wooden Blocks

Just when I think we can’t possibly come up with a new way to play with playdough, we do! Well, my five year old play dough lover does!

play dough and wooden blocks

A cranky Morgan demanded that we play with playdough this morning… “And bits of wood.”

Lucky for me we had a big batch of playdough that we made yesterday, and a huge supply of ‘bits of wood’ thanks to the never ending renovations and a grandfather who’s hobby is wood turning, and combining the two turned out to be the coolest play dough activity ever!

play dough and blocksThe boys used the playdough to stick bits of wood together, to balance bits of wood on, and to support bits of wood so they could create structures that would never have worked on their own.

play dough and blocksThey also used the play dough to add little extra details, like rolled snakes, lots of little balls and all kinds of other embellishments for their constructions.

play dough and blocksThe toddler practiced his fine motor skills and worked on his sharing and the five year old’s imagination ran wild as he built more amazing things and worked through problems of structural integrity along the way.

play dough and blocksIndividual constructions soon became a whole town!

What’s your favourite playdough activity?

Here are some more ways we’ve enjoyed playing with playdough….

play dough activitiesPlay Dough Patterns, Jungle Play Dough and Play Dough with Straws and Toothpicks

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  1. says

    That is all kinds of awesome! I love the concentration on Morgan’s face while he’s building and that satisfied smile at the end. We don’t have any bits of wood but I might try gathering some branches and twigs from the yard and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Fairlie Arthur says

    This is truly an amazing and innovative idea – credit must go to you for fostering your child’s creativity – this is proof of what can be achieved when young children’s creativity is encouraged. What an brilliant result. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. says

    This is so great! I’m always looking for interesting ways to get boys excited about art materials. I know this is an old post, but I just found it on Pinterest. What happened when the clay dried? Did it all fall apart? I might try this with air dry clay and see how it goes.

    • katepickle says

      We didn’t keep our constructions so I am not sure how they would have lasted if we had, but I expect they would have fallen apart as the dough dried out.

      If you try it with air drying clay I’d love to hear how it goes!