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Real Life WednesdayThe toddler will only eat cereal if he drinks it straight from the bowl.

Two out of three children forgot their school/preschool bags this morning.

If I pretend the piles of clean laundry are not there they will magically fold themselves and put them away right?

I let my children stay up an hour past bed time on Monday night because they were all in bed with me, chatting and being nice to each other… that is an occasion to be treasured.

The grass in the orchard is taller than my two year old. All children are banned from entering… unless I need them to chase a chicken.

The first thing I cooked in my brand new (not quite finished yet) kitchen was orange play dough.

I have no idea what my ebay password is, nor my itunes password.

What does real life look like at your house?

Real Life Wednesday

Did you know that real life can be beautiful? If you don’t believe me then pop over to Stuff With Thing and read her beautiful words.
The go laugh at Daddy Pig!

And now it’s your turn… share your random, beautiful, funny real life stories.

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Real Life Wednesday

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  1. says

    Saw my 2 year old doing that the other day and thought… where did she learn to do that? She must really like her weatbix!! Like the laundry comment too.

    Real life this week: just loving those 30 cent ice creams from mcdonalds – they make such a great afternoon tea!!

  2. says

    Mine will only eat cereal if there is no milk involved at all. Yep, dry cereal. Yummy! The chicken chasing made me laugh! And as for passwords – I know none of mine! I’ve had to reset my NN password so many times I’m sure they think I’m a spam bot or something.

  3. says

    Oh, I don’t envy the losing of the ebay password… Seriously, you got to get the ebay thing worked out!

    And what was that you were saying about kids?