Easy Tin Foil Christmas Decorations

foil christmas decorations
We love using plain old aluminum foil for art. It’s not fancy, we almost always have plenty of it, yet it always looks so spectacular. And since Christmas is the time for a little something ‘spectacular’ we modified our drawing on foil idea to make easy tin foil Christmas Decorations.

What You’ll Need…

what you need to make foil christmas decorations

Scraps of cardboard
Permanent markers
Tape or glue
String or wire ornament hooks
Cookie Cutters (optional)
Something to cover your work surface.

What To Do…

The first thing to do is cover the surface you are working on so any stray markers don’t leave a permanent impression on your brand new kitchen bench (ask me how I know this is important!).

Then trace or draw simple shapes on to the pieces of cardboard. We used Christmas cookie cutters to trace the shapes at first, but you could also just draw shapes onto the cardboard which is what we did in the end.

foil christmas decorations
Cut out the shapes carefully and wrap them in pieces of foil. Try to keep one side of the shape nice and smooth for drawing on. You may need a dob of glue or some tape to keep the foil in place on the back of your decoration. We discovered that simple, rounded or square shapes worked best, as the more detailed shapes, such as stars were harder to wrap in the foil.

foil christmas decorations
Using the permanent markers draw and colour on your shapes.

When the shapes are full of colour turn them over and tape or glue a string or wire ornament hook on the back.

Then you can hang them on the tree! christmas decorations Simple, easy, Christmassy fun!

For more great foil inspiration check out Dilly-Dali Art’s Christmas Tree Stars and Happy Hooligan’s Tin Foil Trees

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  1. says

    These look awesome – I can’t wait till next year when Miss M will probably be at a better age for crafty things. At the moment she just likes destroying the crafts we make! ;)

  2. says

    Those are so cute, Kate! I love how Sharpies glide across foil. Love how the colours are so vibrant too.
    Thanks for mentioning our tinfoil trees!

  3. says

    I loved your last drawing on foil post and ran out to buy sharpies straight away. I love how you used the same effect to make Christmas ornaments. They look lovely. You have very talented drawers in your family!

  4. says

    Those Sharpies are really great, aren’t they? A friend of mine got a set of them and some white dunlop volleys for her kids to glam up. They turned out fabulously. I really want a set now. They didn’t smudge at all on the al-foil?

    • katef says

      No smudges… because the sharpies are permanent they go on just like a regular marker but don’t smudge at all… well they might a tiny bit until they dry, but we didn’t have any problems with smudges on any of the foil and sharpie projects we’ve done, and the first time we did it with rip-off $2 shop fake sharpies LOL

  5. says

    We love using foil in our art activities too but I had never thought of this! Such a great idea, so bright, colourful and effective. Adding Sharpies to my shopping list right now, lol!