Things We Want to Do These Holidays!

holiday activities
We’ve been adding to our Summer Holiday Activity list for the past few weeks, and it’s getting longer and longer…

Here are just some of the things we want to do these holidays:

Blow bubbles! This looks like an easy way for little kids to blow bubbles successfully.

Go back to the water park – Adventure Park Victoria

Do more treasure hunts – I love this simple idea with chalk Nurturestore.

Make a water blob.

And make a fan cubby!

Go fishing.

Make a really big geoboard!

Make more marker paint.

Dance and sing to Alice Make’s Music’s new CD!

Get out the play dough and add some interesting accessories!

Play Tinker Lab’s Art Dice Game

Are your kids on holidays? What have you got planned?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Tracy says

    Thanks for the inspiration! I did the fan cubby for my boys this afternoon and they had a blast for about an hour! Hope the rest of the hols are good to you.

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