Thank You 2012

We’ve had kind of a crappy week here.

It started with Izzy getting sick last Saturday and continued on with a long drawn out week of gastro and other disasters…

We’ve cancelled celebrations due to sickness; I knocked an entire tin of Milo off the shelf and all over the kitchen; not one, but two, giant cold sores sprung up on my lip; the toddler vomited in my ear, my hair, all down my back and all over the floor, The Father figure had to work night shifts both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, the chickens got into the veggie garden and scratched out the one zucchini that looked like it might actually grow…

It’s been one of those weeks where it feels like nothing is going right. It feels like every time I make plans they have to be cancelled, every time I clean up a bigger mess occurs, every time I think we are in the clear someone else vomits.

To be honest I am wallowing in the unfairness of it all, just a little… ok a lot.

And that seems like such a terrible thing to be doing on New Years Eve.

Despite not being into resolutions, or big parties and despite finding New Year’s Eve to often be a bit of a fizzer, it feels like impending doom to start a new year in such a negative frame of mind, wallowing in self pity.

So I’m going to snap out of it… right now.

We have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you 2012 for…

cookingThank you for our new kitchen, and the progress we’ve made on the renovations.

Thank you for chickens and for their eggs

Thank you for friends who accept us for who we are, and love us anyway.

Thank you for the back yard, the trampoline, and the sand pit, oh and now the swimming pool!

Thank you for my bed.

gardenThank you for strawberries and peas and all the things that grow in our garden.

Thank you for twitter and facebook and the friends I connect with online.

Thank you for painting, and gluing, and making a mess.

Thank you for a lovely school and fabulous preschool.

Thank you for dancing.

Thank you for blue skies and sunshine… and also rain and freezing winds, it’s all good in it’s own way.

hammockThank you for the hammock.

Thank you for my blog and the enjoyment, learning and income it has given me.

Thank you for the odd moments that take my breath away.

Thank you for carrots and cheap Turkish delight wrapped in chocolate.

Thank you for my husband and his heart that is doing great.

Thank you for the Drive In Movie.

Thank you for the giggles.

Thank you for four children who have blossomed and grown and who infuriate and delight us.

shadowThank you for the courage, and the lessons.

And now I am taking the kids to the drive in… and I am going to enjoy and be thankful for this moment and all of them to come next year.

Happy New Year to All.

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  1. Glory says

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year! As my mom used to tell me when I was in the throes of a terrible day/week with the family…..”This too shall pass”. And, she was right. Enjoy every single day. Thank you for sharing your awesome blog! <3

  2. Sue Stirling says

    Thank you for sharing your blog! I have had days like this when my boys were small! I really appreciate you honesty! When you get a chance to see all the things that are good it is amazing how many there are! I tend to believe it’s a God thing!!!
    I am looking forward to your blog this year. I am a mature aged new qualified Kindy teacher and your blog has been such a blessing!

  3. katie says

    thank YOU for a post to kick my new year grinch out the door… i always get new year anxiety (all the things i have failed to do in the past year, all the crazy busy things to come in the new year), and our family is all sick too at the moment… however i too have lots to be thankful for – off to make myself a list. hope you are all feeling better soon – happy 2013!

  4. Chelle says

    Happy New Year. I had a pretty rough 2012 with a new baby and a brain tumour at the same time, but your blog always made me smile. Hope you have a great 2013.

  5. alisha says

    oh honey, so sorry about all the sickness…i could almost feel your pain as you described your toddler puking in your ear and down your back! and fever blisters hurt so bad, i can’t stand them! some days and weeks are just that way, unfortunately…but you’re right, we have soooo much to be thankful for and we are blessed beyond measure! hope your new year is wonderful! God bless you!

  6. says

    Sorry to hear about all the crappiness. I almost started the new year on a downer too, also with gastro ridden children, a getaway that ended up being double booked, the car breaking down on the way home in the middle of no where with no phone reception and 2 hot and tired kids in the car… sigh… BUT… I love your list of Thanks and the way you turned it around. I knew I was going to have to turn things around too or have our whole break and new years ruined so with my new years resolutions of “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and “Smile more” always in the back of my mind, it wasn’t so hard to find the blessings and the good times. Thanks for sharing, thanks for the friendship back, thanks for your inspiring blog and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings :) x

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