Free Printable 2013 Picklebums Calendar.

free printable calendar 2013
I feel like I spent most of 2012 chasing my tail. I never seemed to get on top of things last year. But this year will be different.

Well that is the plan anyway, but it may need a little work.

You see part of the grand plan was to make myself a calendar. Nothing special, just a monthly grid put together the way I like it so I can easily print out and stick up as many copies as I need to.

That was a great plan… it’s just a pity it took me until a week into the new year to get it done!

Oh well… the first week of January is not important anyway… right??

printable 2013 calendar

This calendar is no longer available. Find out free printable 2015 calendar here.

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  1. says

    Thanks Kate!
    Just what I needed! Something cute we can put on the fridge and put our reading stickers on! You’re the best!

  2. says

    Thanks Kate,
    Perfect timing! Just what I am needing as I sit here trying to work out a plan to plan! I definitely need to organise my weeks more efficiently than I did in 2012!

  3. Caville says

    Thank you!! Have just found your awesome calendar – it was just what I was looking for and saved me heaps of time. I LOVE it.

    • katef says

      Oh I wonder if there was a problem downloading the file perhaps?
      Are you using a mac or PC and are you printing from adobe reader?

  4. says

    I love this calendar its so cute! I want to use it for our homeschool attendance records. Our days of the week calendars start on Sunday though, so I may use your meal plan calendar instead. I might get confused with it starting on Monday!

  5. says

    thank you so much! this is super cute. found it via pinterest. gonna use it to plan and write down our summer fun activities. mahalo! malia

  6. Rachel Cowan says

    Hi there, I know your a busy lady but will you be producing a 2014 calendar? And if so will it be ready ahead of 2014 hint hint nudge nudge :). I really adored the 2013 calendar and was hoping to get a head start on mapping out 2014. This is the year I make a concerted effort to be truly more organised! If it’s a hassle an editable version or 2013 or 2014 so we can update it ourselves would be great.

    • katepickle says

      I am hoping there will be a new calendar… as much for myself as for all my lovely readers!
      I can’t promise I will get it done before Christmas though… but with luck it might happen before New Years… maybe! LOL

  7. Rachel Cowan says

    Do you still have a copy of your original 2013 editable version? I could update it to 2014 and email it back to you to post if you like?

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