Wrinkles and Pimples

sad pickle
I am not particularly bothered by getting old.

The wrinkles and the stray, wild, chin hairs don’t phase me.

The fact that my body will only do some of the things it used to, and even then it will make me pay the day after is hardly surprising. Neither is the fact that I have to concentrate really hard not to pee my pants when I jump on the trampoline.

The grey hair doesn’t even worry too much thanks to a little hair dye every 6-8 weeks.

I can cope with all that, but I reckon that if getting old comes with all that baggage I should be able to leave the baggage of youth behind. Right?

What’s with the pimples?

How is it fair to have wrinkles and pimples?

Surely that should be illegal?

If you are old enough to have wrinkles, then pimples should automatically disappear never to be seen again.

So today I put on white skates with red wheels and fluro yellow laces and roller skated at a rink that was straight out of the 80’s… except for the music.

Tomorrow I will draw with oil pastels, make a big mess, and then play singstar and wii dance with more enthusiasm than most tweens.

And then on Sunday I will grow up.

On Sunday I will turn 40 and as is custom in my culture, turning 40 will mean that I suddenly grow up, find purpose in my life, become fit and look fabulous.

That’s how it works right? RIGHT?

Or maybe I’ll just keep rollerskating, making a mess and singing badly out of tune while I dance like an idiot and leave the fabulous to someone else, along with the growing up.

I guess I’ll keep the pimples too… if I have to.

{image: the ‘sad pickle’ was taken at the Nuffnang Talent Blogger Event last year.)

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  1. says

    I feel your pain! Pimples and wrinkles should not coexist. And why don’t animals get acne? Things I wonder about . . .

    Very exciting that you’re turning 40! For me it will be bittersweet because it will be the year that both my babies will be in school and I won’t know myself!!

  2. says

    Happy almost 40! Just between you and me, not a lot changes. The best part about getting older is that you earn the right to embarrass the teenagers (when they become adolescent in your case). Enjoy your roaring 40’s, my friend.

  3. Hedewich says

    Fir me it’s the big Five 0 this year, and also feel it ar least a week when i had a good night out in town, or exercised to hard. The only thing i candi without feeling my body a whole week is RPM/Spinning. But take it from me, life really start’s @ 40 everything is so mych easier just pamper your self put yourself on the first place if you feel good and shine everyone will be happy ! Happy birthday

  4. says

    Happy 40, but I didn’t think you were 40 at all. Perhaps 2 years older than me and I’m 30. Honey, you look great for your age… Not that it matters though right?

    I hope you have a glorious birthday Kate!

  5. Kate A says

    Oh happiest of birthdays! Clicked over 40 late last year. I have a sneaky suspicion it could be our best decade yet. 30s were marriage and kids, kids are little older now, more time for ourselves?? Hope your day is fabulous. Your year even more so x

  6. Joanne says

    Happy 40th Birthday, Kate. I discovered your blog while searching Pintrest for dried strawberry instructions. So, today you suddenly grew up, became fit and fabulous? Well, 2013 I will turn 60, and I became a Nonna (Italian for grandmother) when my baby (age 27) got married in November with a lovely young woman who has a three year old daughter. Your blog made me smile. I do love both of my children with all my heart, and they are each different than the other – I love them both for the incredible men they have grown to become. I hope you stay forever young and continue to enjoy your unique blend of hippy/conventional style.

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