Talking Toddlers – Some Activities, Ideas and Suggestions for Living with Toddlers

Tonight I am going to be on ABC Local radio’s Baby Talk show, talking about toddlers with some other, way more important and knowledgeable guests.

I am kinda of petrified.

So in case I stuff it up completely and sound like a total nuffy, here’s some posts I’ve written about toddlers and toddler play… just so you know I am not really as incompetent as I sounded on the radio!

The show will be podcast so I will share the link here when it is live! (maybe… if I don’t sound too ridiculous!)

Toddler Activities.

toddler play

For younger toddlers the ‘keep it simple’ rule is the best option. Here are some simple activities for 18 month – 2 year olds.

Imaginative play is my secret weapon when it comes to activities for kids of all ages and older toddlers love it too. Here are some simple ideas –
Bugs in a Box
A House for a Tiger
Toddler Dress-ups – Hats and Bags.

Toddlers also love simple sensory play. Think water and sand and that kind of thing, and it doesn’t have to be as messy as you think. And don’t forget playdough – fun for everyone!

Really basic, easy art activities are the order of the day for small hands.
Big paper and crayons for drawing, simple painting activities like cotton bud painting or finger painting, and gluing with lots of easy to stick items.

Don’t forget to sing and make music with your toddlers, use some of our printable puppets if you need a prop to help you out.

More kids activities for all age groups can be found here, but really you can disregard all of these ‘fancy toddler activities’ and just have fun. Go outside, knock down block towers, let your toddler help you with the shopping, just spend time enjoying your toddler and you can’t go wrong!

Parenting Toddlers.


Got a biting toddler? Here is how we deal with it at our house – When Kids Bite.

How about tantrums? I’m trying to find compassion when dealing with tantrums and other difficult moments.

Picky Eaters? I’ve been mulling over the ‘food fights‘ for a while now.

You can find more of my ponderings on parenting here, I’d love you to join the conversation and share your wisdom.

Living and Loving Toddlers.

toddler twins

I am often asked how to get kids to play on their own…short of having two at once so they can play with each other (which I wouldn’t recommend) here are some of my thoughts on this subject- Just Play.

I know that it is called the ‘terrible twos’ but here is what two looked like for us, the fourth time round.

And just so you know, we all have ‘those days‘ and sometimes it’s ok to let your toddler eat chocolate chips off the floor, because parenting is hard.

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