Who are you really?

who are you?{image from SayingImages.com}

Who are you really?

I am dancing in the shower without music.
I am leaving my clothes on the floor where I dropped them
I am using a baby wipe instead of doing the laundry.
I am crying then pretending I have hayfever.
I am eating the whole packet all at once.
I am farting, loud and proud, and often impressed by the smell.
I am making funny faces.
I am pretending I am in a music video while walking on the treadmill.

Who are you when no one is looking?

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  1. says

    hehe very cool!

    I am a hide the chocolate and eat it when the kids go to sleep.
    I am a shower singer
    I am a speaker, give me a minute of your time and I will tell you exactly what im passionate about and what im doing about it
    I am a dreamer
    I am a messy
    I am someone who will go through their entire wardrobe and then go back to the first outfit I put on, leaving all the other clothes on the floor

  2. Nicole says

    I do that on the treadmill too. It gets awkward when the music doesn’t match the treadmill speed. I haven’t fallen on my bum….yet!

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