Random Thoughts…

A cool breeze is blowing through my window and there is a moth flitting around the light.

Friday night is cool and quiet after a week of hot weather and churning emotions.

My head is full of random thoughts…

collecting sticks

Noah has started calling Zoe ‘Zoe’, just every now and then. It seems the the days of “Do-Do” are fading fast and it makes me wonder how long until all of his quirky miss-sayings are all gone. I don’t remember when the girls stopped saying ‘Water-cha-melon’ nor when Morgan managed to get his ‘r’s to come out right and there were no more ‘led lobots in the lubbish’. The changes must have slipped by me unnoticed, and while that makes me a little sad it is probably a good thing. It will be even harder to allow my kids to grow up if I mourn every little step towards adulthood.


We have a Harlequin Beetle problem. And when I say problem I mean, swarms so big that I think they are a cloud kind of problem. They don’t seem to be doing anything any harm, especially now that Noey isn’t scared of them, but it’s all kind of odd. I wonder what a plague of Harlequin Beetles means?

beach twins

Just when I think they are looking so very different I am struck by how alike they are.


I wonder when it will rain. I am torn between adoring every moment of the warm weather and knowing that what’s left in our water tanks won’t last forever.

rock pooling

I wonder why I didn’t think about the fact that four kids means lots of driving around and co-ordinating events. Some days I just want to tell everyone to stay home in bed.


What random thoughts are floating around your head?

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  1. says

    I’ve been mourning the loss of baby mispronounciations lately too. “Bop” the dog is now firmly “Spot” the dog, raspberries are no longer “ro-ros”. But elephants are still “olephants” and whilst I know she will have to get that one right too eventually I’m hoping it persists for a little while longer!

    • katef says

      It’s so sad when they start saying things correctly… I love the fact that our smallest is getting his opposites mixed up at the moment and so is constantly saying “Are you talking mum???” when he means “are you listening!”

  2. says

    So much goes unnoticed, we couldn’t possibly keep up with it all. Unnoticed, but missed all the same.

    My random thought right now is wondering why we don’t walk along the beach more often. I think it’s all those activities getting in the way!! x

    • katef says

      You know I always said if we lived near the beach we’d be there all the time… but I bet we wouldn’t. I mean we live near hanging rock and have only been there once in 8 years!

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