But Why?


Why does my toddler insist on walking around with a mesh bag over his head?

Why do I start watching obscure foreign language movies late at night when I can barely read the subtitles I am so tired?

Why do Taylor Swift songs stick in my brain for ever….ever, getting back together…

Why does it always rain at school pick up time?

Why do they always tell me they have lost and important school item just as we are getting in the car in the morning?

Why do I always think that eating a bunch of dried apricots won’t have any negative outcomes?

Why? Why? Why?

But Why?

Have you got any ‘why’s’ to share?

Real Life Wednesday

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    Um… what negative outcome does eating dried apricots have? (Don’t answer that one, I think!).

    And Taylor Swift has been sent by the Scientologists to brain wash us all into not believing in reincarnation. Or sumthink.

    It rains at school pick up time because just when you think being a mother can’t get any harder, it does.

    The mesh bag thing I cannot figure out for the life of me.


  2. says

    Thanks for the giggle…that pic is just priceless!
    Why do i find myself singing the Dora or Old McDonald song when i am in the car on my own….come to think of it why don’t i realise that Justine Clark is still playing on the CD and i don’t have the twins in the car?
    And why do children materialise when i open the toilet door to try and escape for a minute?
    Have a good week kate x

  3. says

    For me the ‘why’ is coming thick and fast from my little three year old. I know that ‘why’ is an important part of her learning, and I need to nurture her curiosity….but WHY does she have to ask so many times? LOL

  4. Melissa says

    Just love this post
    Why does our 19 month old and the 5 year old like walking around with boxes, tubs or buckets on their heads?
    Jode – I also find myself listening and singing along to the play school CD after I have dropped the kids off.
    And yes Why can’t I go to the toilet alone?

  5. says

    Why did the new laminator eat my boy’s ‘verb’ pictures, making me have to pack the whole x*$/^ thing up and take it back? Why didn’t I post that little pile of important letters yesterday so that today my 20m boy didn’t ‘post’ them through the window straight into a muddy puddle. Why did I find myself jumping up and down on the spot like an enraged toddler? I mean seriously? Am I turning into Peppa Pig?


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