Fridays are lost days.

I think it is because I have all but given up by Friday.

I wander around and just stare at the piles of washing and the zucchinis getting too big in the garden.

I stare at the screen too, at the list of emails to reply to, at my ‘to do’ list.

No school lunch tomorrow, so no baking today.

The dishwasher is still full of clean dishes.

I flit from one task to the next, never really finishing any of them.

After school I forget the time frames and give up on the baths.

There is nothing but the simplest of dinners, and a too late bed time.

I seem to let Friday trickle through my fingers… I keep meaning to do something with it, but I just never do.

It’s kind of wonderful.

A little disconcerting, but kind of wonderful.

What did you do with your Friday?

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