Road Trip!

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Britz camper
We are always up for a bit of a road trip around here… though a road trip that involves living in a little metal box on wheels for five days, that was an entirely new adventure!

We won six nights in a Britz camper van in a blogger competition, so the week before last we packed up a whole lot of stuff, strapped in the kids and took off down the coast.

pickle britz

We decided not to drive too far as the idea of all four kids strapped in across one back seat was a little daunting, but actually the seating arrangements were pretty spacious, even with two car seats. Still, the Bellarine Peninsula is always a good place to go. Big 4 Bellarine is such a great place to stay and their powered sites and camping facilities were just as great as their cabins. Plus it is just down the road from Adventure Park Victoria and from our favorite Great Aunts, so it’s all win!

After a few nights at Big 4 Bellarine we packed up and headed down the Great Ocean Road a little way, to Wye River. Before we had kids The Father Figure and I used to camp down that way often, but we’ve never stayed at Wye River so we thought we’d give it a go. Again, another lovely Big 4 Caravan park at Wye River, and in such a gorgeous spot. The big kids tried body boarding for the first time and we taught them all how to make drip castles.

For once we didn’t try to cram too much into a family holiday. We spent time with family, did a few special things, and spent a lot of time just hanging around and mucking about. It was actually kind of lovely, well except for when one of the kids needed to climb down from the big bed in the middle of the night to pee!

Have you ever done a camper van trip? Or are you more of a caravan type? Or maybe camping? Or perhaps a five star hotel??

{Disclosure: We won the Britz trip as part of a blogger competition, one of the requirements of winning was to blog about our trip. We were given tickets to Adventure Park as a Christmas Gift from Porter Novelli Melbourne. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are purely my own.}

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  1. says

    We have taken the kids camping a few times and so want to take the kids on a road trip in a van. We were planning on doing it last year but out baby HATES the car passionately so have decided to wait til they are a bit older!! looks like fun tho!

  2. Susan says

    We rented an RV 2 years ago to drive with our 5 youngest children from westrn Canada to Disneyland. We went in off season so that rates were a lot cheaper. We found that it was a very fun and economical way to travel and would definitely do it again.

  3. says

    Nath and I campervanned across Europe for 3 months a decade ago, and across North America for 9 months a few years ago. Both trips were pre-kids. Think it would be a very different holiday now!

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