Six for Saturday

pet rats
This weeks ‘Six for Saturday’ are a motley bunch of random things, but if you live in Melbourne or Sydney be sure to check out number 6 for a fun give away!

1. Rats

I know that pet rats are not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’ve tried not to fill up my instagram feed or facebook page with these cute little critters… but really, they are quite endearing. I never imagined how much I would enjoy having these two as pets. They are really easy to look after, as smart as everyone says they are (no wonder wild ones cause so many problems) and really very affectionate. Their names are Sophie and Razi (short for Raspberry) and they happily went to school on Thursday for three classes of show and tell and everyone who meets them falls in love… well unless you have a rodent phobia, in which case I apologise for the giant rat photo up there!

2. Helicopters

We were at a family party in beautiful Queenscliff a few weekends ago and the kids discovered the helicopter seed pods of a big Maple tree in the garden of the restaurant. They had so much fun climbing the stairs to the second story veranda and dropping the helicopters over the side. So when I saw this simple way to make paper helicopters in a similar style at The Fort (this is a guest post from All For the Boys which is a blog full of great stuff too) we had to give them a go. Loads and loads of fun!

3. Reading

How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm by Mei-Ling HopgoodI usually say no when PR companies ask me to review books on my blog. I don’t have time to read the books let alone review them! But I did put ‘read books’ on my ‘3 for Me‘ list and the title of this book really intrigued me.

How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm by Mei-Ling Hopgood is fascinating. It’s my kind of parenting book… no ‘you have to do it this way’ just lots of interesting stories about how different cultures raise their children with smatterings of research, information and speculation throw in. Has anyone else read it? What do you think?

4. Muesli Bars

I am on a mission to make the world’s best homemade, nut free, museli bars. I have tried several recipes and am still trying to work out how to get them wonderfully chewy, but not sticky and definitely not crumbly. I’ve shared a few of the recipes I’ve tried on my ‘Family Food – Sweet Treats‘ pinterest board, but I think I am close to personal perfection so stay tuned for that recipe here on the blog.

5. Eggs

Do you celebrate Easter? We are not religious, we don’t eat lots of chocolate, and it’s not spring here, but we do have lots of home grown eggs! I am loving all the gorgeous egg dying crafts I am seeing everywhere! These drip dyed eggs from Spoon Fork Bacon are simply gorgeous. For the last few years we’ve made these surprise eggs as Easter treats for our kids so I might try the water colour method for decorating this year.

6. The Croods

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to Rachel, Linda, Susannah, Oliva and Karen.
The CroodsI stupidly told my kids that Nuffnang had invited us to a special advance screening of the new Dreamworks movie, The Croods. It was stupid because the screening isn’t for a few weeks but every day someone asks me “is it this weekend we are going to the movies????” I think they are a little excited!

The Croods is is the hilarious prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world’s very first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime, into an incredible new world full of fantastic creatures. In Aussie cinemas from March 28th and in 3D!

If you live in Sydney or Melbourne and would like to come along to see The Croods on Sunday March 24th, you’re in luck! I have five family passes (family passes consist of four tickets) to the screening in either Sydney or Melbourne to give away. To enter, leave a comment on this post and let me know if you want to attend the Melbourne or Sydney screening and then finish this sentence ‘My family are like neanderthals because….” The five funniest, most inventive answers will win. This comp is only open till Tuesday so get in quick.

Terms and Conditions.
You must be able to attend the event in Sydney or Melbourne on Sunday March 24th.
You must provide a valid email address and entries are limited to one per household.
Entries close Tuesday March 12 2012 at 12 midday AEDLST. The winners will be contacted by email and announced on this post.
Winners must contact me within 48 hours or the prize will be re-drawn.
Winners agree to have their contact details passed on to the appropriate PR company or brand representative who will send out/organise the prizes directly.

{disclosure: I was given a copy of How Eskismos Keep Their Babies Warm, no other compensation was was offered or accepted. I was given a family pass to the advance screening of The Croods, no other compensation was offered of accepted. The opinions in this post are purely my own.}

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    My family are like neanderthals because…. No matter what cutlery I put out, someone is always eating with their hands. Cute child-size forks? Hands. Chopsticks? Hands. Soup spoons (yes, for soup)? Hands. (Melbourne Please).

  2. says

    I spotted “How Eskimos Keep their Babies Warm” somewhere… my kind of read, now I have gotta look out for it!!!

  3. Jacqueline Hudson says

    I’d love tickets to see The Croods in Melbourne. ‘My family are like neanderthals because we often seem to communicate in grunts and screams”.

  4. Olivia Roch says

    We would LOVE to attend the Sydney Movie Screening if we are lucky enough to be picked.
    My family are like neanderthals because even though they are teeny tiny humans when they “walk” though the house they still sound like a pack of thundering wilderbeasts migrating south.

  5. says

    We’d love to attend the Melbourne screening. My family are like Neanderthals because its as if modern conveniences have never been invented. Things like sinks, doors and fridges are pure decorations to my family- for all the functional use they get!!

  6. Susannah says

    We’d love to attend the Melbourne Screening of The Croods.
    My family are very much like neanderthals in that all my brothers and sisters are very smart, however when tasty or ‘treat’ food is available – the ear-piercing (from the girls) and thundering (from the boys) fights that ensue to ensure no one feels personally at a loss for having perhaps a piece less, is very similar to a Neanderthal defending a rival clan from their provisions!

  7. Karen O'Keefe says

    I would like to attend the Sydney screening

    My family are like neanderthals because communication is understood thru grunts, groans and sign language. Meals are devoured like its the last….using fingers, and scruffy hair is the way to go.

  8. says

    I have read How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm and absolutely loved it. Whether you try everything or just read it for fun, it is a great look at how other cultures do things. It also reminded me how much we are parents need to relax. There is no perfect way to parent, we are all just doing the best we can. I have given it as a gift for every baby shower or birth in the last year. Enjoy!