Have You Ever?

Real Life Wednesday
Have you ever eaten a whole packet of chocolate biscuits in one sitting because at least that way you won’t be sneaking one every day that week?

Have you ever sent your kids to school with a somewhat stale bread roll for their lunch because you are pretty sure they won’t eat it anyway?

Have you ever told a whopping great lie to your kids just to get a moment’s peace?

Have you ever said a really bad swear word and then claimed you said something entirely different when your kids asked?

Tell me I am not alone?

Real Life Wednesday

Let’s play the ‘Have You Ever’ game for Real Life Wednesday… It’s easy, you say something less than perfect that you have done and we all tell you that you are not alone, that we have done that, or something similar too!

Play along or share something completely different if you like!

As always there are no hard and fast rules for this. If you blog you can link up below. If you are on twitter or instagram you can share using the hash tag #reallifewednesday (add @katepickle when you do so I can find it!). You can even post a comment or share a photo on my facebook page if you like. Don’t worry, you don’t have to post or share today, you’ve got all week till the next one.

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  1. says

    My daughter isn’t old enough for some of those, but I’ve done the ones that she is old enough for. And I’m sure the others will happen too.

  2. says

    Yes to all four! Sometimes all on the same day! And you can add rummaging through the washing basket trying to decide which shorts to send my son to Kindy in – the ones with paint on them or the ones with yesterday’s lunch on them.

  3. says

    No, you’re not alone in any of them. But you already knew that, right? So either everyone does them or … scary thought … its just you and me and we are the worst in the world ;-)

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