Six on Saturday

It’s Easter, and school holidays! Yay! Two weeks (and a day thank you Good Friday) of not making lunches. Two weeks of time to just ‘hang about’ with my kids and do stuff! So this week’s Six on Saturday has a few links to things we want to do and try these holidays, as well as the usual random thoughts, loves and ideas that fill my head at the end of each week :)

six on saturday

1. Who’s in for Project April??

Inspired my Project 365 and my total lack of ability to see something that epic through, I am embarking on a simpler challenge – Project April!
My goal is to take a photo each day during April. More specifically, a photo of real life, ever day during April. I am not going to try and take perfect photos, I just want to capture the little moments, the things that make up every day, the stuff that often doesn’t make it into the photo album. So who’s with me??

2. Hot Cross Buns or Easter Eggs?

It’s no contest for me, I am not a big chocolate eater so hot cross buns win hands down. I may nod my head and smile as everyone groans about the hot cross buns hitting the shops right after Christmas, but secretly I am punching the air because more the time to shove those fruity yeasty little treats into my gob the better I say!
We have baked our own hot cross buns in the past but I spied this Hot Cross Bun Loaf from The Blender on Pinterest the other day and it is calling my name and begging me to bake it!

3. Stuff to Do.

School holidays! Yay! Did I already say that? Can you tell that I am pleased to have made it to the end of term one with all four kids alive and my sanity mostly intact? Apart from hanging around doing nothing for the next two weeks we do have some ‘stuff’ on our list for the holidays and these cool activities are right up the top –
Lego Puzzle Cards from Kids Activity Blog
Melting Beads to Make Accessories from The 36th Avenue
Micador 3D paint – the photo above was our first play with this cool stuff!
How to Write a Story – Sticker Tales from Nurture Store

4. Do you use Google Reader?

I almost cried when I heard they were discontinuing google reader and I still live in hope that they will change their minds. But if you are better at facing reality than I am, and looking for an alternative, this article from Imagination Soup gives great instructions for moving all your feeds to feedly. I still want to cry though.

5. Oh Oh Origami!

I helped in my boy’s prep (it’s what we call the first year of school here) class during the week and I somehow ended up having to teach a bunch of 4-6 year olds how to fold origami bunny heads! I was amusing if nothing else, especially when most of the kids could follow the instructions better than I could! We then moved on to the more technical koala head and turtle. Thankfully that was as difficult as the paper folding got, though I have been eyeing off these origami bunny baskets from Origami Spirit. I wonder if I could manage them, since I am a master of cat faces now!

6. I Get Around

I’ve been getting around the internet a little of late and guest posting for a couple of my favourite blogs.
Last weekend I shared our favourite summer treat at Octavia and Vicky – Easy Frozen Yoghurt Pops. And this week I shared a parenting trick and a song about poop at one of my favourite parenting blogs, Awesomely Awake. Please pop on over to both blogs and say hello!

If you’ve come across any cool ideas, or if you have written a blog post that you are just dying to share, pop over to my facebook page and feel free to share a little Saturday link love :)
And for loads of linky goodness on every other day of the week, check out my pinterest boards and fuel my addiction!

{disclosure: We were given a selection of Micador products, including the 3D paint mentioned above, to try and enjoy. No compensation was offered or accepted, there was no obligation to blog, and the opinions expressed are purely my own.}

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  1. says

    I just checked out the Lego books and LOVE THEM! We are so making them this holidays!! We have a huge pile of Lego from when hubby was a kid but no instructions survived. These are so simple for the kids to create! Thanks for the tip :)
    Have a great break!

  2. says

    Kate, I almost cried about Google Reader too! But I’ve been loving Flipboard on the ipad and am hoping they bring out a PC version. It makes blog reading very pretty and groovy! It may be time to cull my blog list too so it might be a blessing!

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