Six for Saturday

Six for Saturday - a random collection of interests, loves and links

1. If This Then That

If This Then That seems like a really useful thing… but I can’t quite figure out how to use it! Thoughts anyone?

2. One Second

I think I’ve found a new photo project… The One Second a Day Video Project. But as usual anything that runs for a whole year scares me, so maybe I’ll start with a month, or even a week. Who’s in?

3. Rough Day?

Have you had a hard day with the kids? Feeling like you totally suck at this parenting gig? Here… read this: Prayer for a Mother Becoming (but it works equally well for a father I think)

4. Easy!

Doing something creative with your kids shouldn’t be difficult, or expensive. Try these 20 Art activities Using Just The Basics from Creative With Kids

5. Crazy Paper Thing

Anything that is called a ‘thing’ has to be cool right? I’m going to attempt to make this ‘thing’….

6. Rainy Days Are the Best

Well ok perhaps not in real life, but Rainy Day Mum is certainly an awesome blog, and not just because I am guest posting over there today and sharing 7 Days of Imaginative Play. You’ll find loads of great ideas and activities to do with the kids, I loved her recent post about gardening activities for little people.

Got some random thoughts to share? Perhaps you’ve come across a fab recipe online? Maybe you’ve written a blog post you’re particularly proud of? Please pop over to my facebook page or my google + profile and add your link to the Six on Saturday post!

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