Six For Saturday

Six For Saturday - six interesting yet somewhat random links

This week has been all rain, fog, mud and crazy wind. I am always cold and it seems to take me forever to warm up. It feels like winter is seeping into my bones.

But I don’t have time to worry about any of that because June is a crazy month and if I don’t keep plonking one foot in front of the other life will come crashing down around us.

To take my mind of the cold greyness here are some cool links I’ve discovered this week…

1. A reader asked how much a cup of butter weighs – I use this handy dandy conversion site.

2. Motherhood is Weird – oh Amber you couldn’t be more right.

3. Oh man… my kids baby photos are so pedestrian compared to these from Emilmedia.

4. Mobius strips – no, it’s nothing to do with Whales. Artchoo explains all.

5. I went to Crafternoon earlier this week. Good food, good hot chocolate, and good play dough. Great place for kids and adults if you are in Melbourne.

6. Want to help plant some trees without having to go outside into the cold?? Bosisto’s is aiming to plant a million trees in 2013 and you can help by buying any of the specially marked Bosisto’s Eucalyptus products.

bosisto's competition

This competition is now closed congratulations to Kate from KCMS

Aussies, you can also win a Bosisto’s hamper full of all their lovely goodies (I am so addicted to the lavender spray, smells so good) valued at $225. Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favourite smell is and why. The best, most interesting or amusing answer will win a Bosisto’s hamper.

Terms and Conditions.
You must be an Australian resident to enter.
You must provide a valid email address and entries are limited to one per household.
Entries close Saturday June 15th 2013 at 12 midday AEST. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on this post.
Winners must contact me within 4 days or the prize will be re-drawn.
Winners agree to have their contact details passed on to the appropriate PR company or brand representative who will send out/organise the prizes directly.

{disclosure: We were given a sample of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus oil and some gardening items so we could plant our own trees. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The opinions expressed are purely my own. }

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Jacqui says

    My favourite smell is when it rains after a lond dry period, it has that dirt/fresh smell, because it freshens everything up, also then I can have a longer shower than normal.

  2. says

    As another person who really feels the cold and takes forever to warm up – I feel for you! Hope you can find ways to get warm, and if you do fine some, do share!!

  3. says

    My chicken farmer grandad used to say that chicken manure was his favourite smell becuase it was the smell of money…as I shovelled out sheds I tried to think of this (it made the smell not the least bit more inviting). Chicken manure is NOT my favourite smell but vanilla most certainly is…in cooking – scraped fresh from the bean, in candles, in soaps, in the smelly car thing that is supposed to cover the whiff of my children’s festering lunchboxes. I love it in all forms!

  4. says

    Favourite smell-its gotta be my children as they just get out of bed.
    As Bear in the Big Blue House used to say “you smell like bed” :)

  5. bubble936 says

    EUCALYPTUS- Our school playground was lined with eucalyptus trees on the boundry and we would spend our spare lunch time picking up eucalyptus leaves, smelling them and the cones coming off the flowers of these trees to make the biggest tower possible.

  6. RachelN says

    Eucalyptus will have to be the winner for me. I use the Bosisto’s Eucalpytus Spray for everything and anything. It is just so refreshing, A must have on my list !!

  7. ann says

    Oh I love the smell of eucalyptus. I always remember as a kid if I had a cold Mum would put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on my hanky before I went to school.

  8. Susannah says

    My favourite smell is Lynx Phoenix – the deoderant. A gorgeous boy I dated when I was much younger used to wear it and I now forever associate it with gentle, handsome men!

  9. Dani says

    Ode To Eucalyptus
    Oh Eucalypt how I love you,
    You help me breathe when I sneeze,
    You help me clean when I wheeze,
    You help my house smell clean,
    even when we feel green.
    Eucalypt you are the bomb,
    And help me handle life with aplomb.

  10. says

    Haha, I can’t compete with the chook poo story either. I have a bunch of favourite smells, it’s hard to narrow down! I love all citrus smells, and my favourite essential oil blend is lime, lavendar and frankincense. Of course cooking smells are wonderful, and the smell of vanilla wafting from chocolate chip cookies in the oven is to die for.

    But if I have to narrow is to one, it’s got to be fresh jasmine flowers, growing on the vine. When I was a child we used to always go to the same rickety old wooden holiday house down the coast, which my grandparents owned, and in the September holidays there would always be Jasmine growing on the verandah, before it would have flowered here in Canberra. So the smell always made me nostalgic for the coast and holidays and Spring.

    Then, when I was maybe 16, I started going down there with friends, so now Jasmine brings back not only childhood holidays, but also my late teenage and university years. Drinking tea on the verandah with my best friends, often with a few jasmine flowers thrown in the pot.

    Memories. Scents really evoke them so effectively don’t they?

  11. Crystal Berry says

    My favourite smell is the top of my children’s heads. My daughter is 22 months old today and the top of her head smells like sunshine and adventure to me. My son is 4 and 1/2 months old;The top of his head still has that special baby smell that demands I snuggle and protect him.

  12. Michelle V says

    My favourite smell is ‘new car’ smell.
    Up until the age of almost 33, I had a terrible phobia of driving.
    As a mum of three, it was very difficult to get around on public transport, and my days were so boring and unfulfilled.
    One day, my parents presented me with vouchers for driving lessons. They had saved up their pension and bought me the vouchers. Well, I didn’t want to let them down, and I couldn’t bear the thought of them losing their money down the drain, so I began the driving lessons. My family, including my kids and hubby, were so supportive. After a few months of lessons, I got my licence on my very first attempt!!!
    My husband bought me a new car because he was so proud of me.
    I swear, that new car smell was the best smell I ever did smell!!!

  13. says

    For me, it’s the smell of bread baking wafting over from a bakery in the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning. It takes me straight back to my nana’s house in a small far North Queensland town. The towns bakery was just around the corner from their house and its just one of the most evocative smells of my childhood. We used to sneak around there to watch them at work making all those loaves, cream buns, cornets, pies & sausage rolls.
    Right now however, I am so grateful for the incredible powers if eucalyptus as I’ve had a shocking week not being able to breath through my nose unless I inhale its magic.

  14. says

    My favourite smell is a baby’s head, they smell like heaven, as they just arrived from heaven :)

  15. says

    There’s nothing terribly interesting about my favourite smells: frangipani, coconut, the aroma of garlic and onion frying together. But my 5-year-old daughter has always had an inexplicable fondness for the smell that the vacuum cleaner makes while being used. As soon as I start it up, she’s there, crouching down to sniff it. When I ask her what’s so wonderful about the smell she says ‘i don’t know, but it’s SO good!’.

  16. Sherryll says

    Oohhh there’s so many I could name, but I do love the smell of ”crushed rosemary, fresh garlic, cracked pepper and olive oil, all ready for a heart roast leg of lamb ….

    Thanks for your comp !! :)

  17. Marsha Bennett says

    My favourite smell is Finesse hair spray. Whenever I use it I’m transported back to my year 12 school camp in *ahem* 1993… (All the girls in my cabin used it!)
    I was so happy then – although blissfully ignorant! It reminds me of being young and silly, when I didn’t have a care in the world and I thought life was perfect. Sigh.
    A bit of a strange choice, but fragrances are usually linked to memories, and this one is my favourite.

  18. Komal says

    My favourite smell is the lavender .i live the colour if lavender flowers and I have them in my garden .they r simply beautiful and that is the reason why I like its smell too

  19. says

    I love to plunge my nose into my canister of Earl Grey tea and just inhale, I do it every single time I make a cuppa…speaking of which

  20. Keturah Eve says

    I’m currently studying aromatherapy and through all the hundreds of scents I have wafted past my nose I think one of my most favourite, healing smells is… bacon. On Sunday morning.

    It usually means 3 things. First and foremost – I’m still in bed. Secondly, my gorgeous little girl is on her way down the hall for a big squeeze and last but not least my husband is cooking breakfast. Ahhhh!!! Sensory bliss.

  21. Alex says

    I have a favorite smell in mind
    And I really don’t know why
    I don’t even like the stuff
    Seriously I tell no lie!
    A freshly brewed coffee
    Is what does it for me
    It really does make me smile
    Without the “having to pee”
    It started when I was living in London
    I had the best boss ever!
    He brewed his coffee everyday
    No matter what the weather!