I’ll Be Happier When…

I'll be happier when... Do you fall into the trap of wishing your days away?

Not wanting to wish my days away seems to be a recurring theme around here, but it is something I find myself doing quite a bit.

It can be a short term affliction like the one that happens at around this time each year when I begin lusting after long summer days and wishing winter would end tomorrow. But sometimes it is a more insidious disease, like the idea that I’ll be happier when…

I’ll be happier when …

…when the renovations are done.

…when Noah stays in his bed all night.

…when the girls stop fighting.

…when Morgan can put on his own seat belt.

And there I am… wishing my days away again.

But not only am I wishing my days away, I am wishing my children’s days away.

My babies, who I am in no hurry to see grow up, yet here I, am assuming that when this child is through that stage my life will be miraculously better, I will be happy…er.

Except that I am already happy, I just keep forgetting that because I am busy wishing my days away.

I will be happier when I realise I already am.

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  1. Marsha says

    Yes! One of my favourite quotes is “The journey is the destination”. So don’t wait for that “something” to happen. I like to count my blessings and be happy now.
    This is why I now enjoy sleeping in my daughter’s bed for half the night :). She is 3. It would be nice to sleep through the night in my own bed, but I go when she calls me (usually around 3am) and we snuggle up and fall asleep together. It won’t last forever. I’m sure I will miss these days one day!

  2. says

    I used to wish my days away and still do to some extent, especially when dealing with school holidays, but I try to enjoy the sleep ins and lazy pyjama days and not worry about the stuff not getting done. There is always time for that later.

  3. says

    I am guilty of doing this to, but I am also learning that I need to enjoy the now because in 10 years life will look completely different and I would hate then to be wishing my life was back to how it is now so i could enjoy it and realise the beauty that comes from this stage of motherhood.

  4. says

    “I will be happier when I realise I already am.”

    What a sublimely true statement!

    I am very guilty of doing this too. Whiling away the time thinking about how things will be in X amount of time. It’s usually about me and my life though, and then it comes to me, that then my babies will be (more) grown up and these years will be gone. Sometimes it’s hard to “treasure” them as they are happening, but just to practice living in the moment, *being* in the moment, is the thing.

    Thanks for a good reminder :)

  5. says

    “I will be happier when….my twins can wipe their own number two’s bums – and my eldest (who can just now..) will stop finding me somewhere in the house to Brown Eye me to check if he has done “a good job mum??….
    Although wishing your time way is a MUST NOT – this I am happy to wish away!!


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