Six for Saturday

Six for Saturday - 6 random links and loves

The shun was shining here off and on this week. The wattle is in flower and the daffodil farm is selling flowers already. The blossoms are even trying to blossom! I am ignoring the gale force winds and the showers of rain because I am sure that spring is in the air…

It must be.

It has to be.

I really, badly, need it to be.

I need more sunshine, and washing that dries in less than a week. I need less mud, and more opportunities to get outside without a gazillion layers of clothes. I need noses to stop running and freckles to sprout. I need these dreary, mid year blues, to disappear… any time now would be good.

How about you? Are you dreaming of warmer weather or are you on the other side of the world and trying to hold on to the last days of summer?

Either way here are a few things that I’ve been distracting myself with this week…

1. My kids have been building Lego trebuchets with their Dad, and all manner of other catapult type things from various bits and pieces, so this pencil catapult is right up their ally.

2. This is for those of us watching our kids race towards the teenage years.

3. And this is for those of us who ‘opted out’… whatever that means!

4. Remember when we tried out some geometry tools for drawing, well now I need to try painting with a compass… notice I said “I” need to not “the kids” need to!

5. Now that my days of carrying nappies appear to be over…. I think I should buy myself this bag. What do you think?

6. If I had some waffle cones in my cupboard I would be baking these right now.

Have you been able to stop long enough to find anything interesting this week?

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  1. says

    Spring is definitely nearly here. Even if it is forecast to be 9 degrees here tomorrow! We have jonquils and wattle out, and loads of violets. And despite the cold wind, the sun inspired not one but two long park trips this past weekend – although that was also inspired by my sister visiting from Melbourne with her son, so we needed both to get out of the house more, and to show them what Canberra has to offer :)

    Still, definitely more and more outdoor play on the cards, which is lovely!

    Love the look of that compass painting. My 11 year old discovered compass drawing earlier this year, but he’s going to just love that!

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