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six for saturday - a random list of cool links

I have a million things to do and I want to do anything and everything but those things I really need to do.

I want to paint, and take photos and dig in the garden. I want to read and read and read. I want to bake unhealthy frivolous food and not have to clean up after myself. I want to watch Mulan with my kids. I want to go for a walk, or ride my bike. I want to sit in the hammock and daydream about all the things I could do… but never actually do.

Ironically I could do at least some of the things on that list if I would just stop procrastinating and putting off doing all of the things I actually need to get down. But perhaps it is more fun to dream about doing those things than actually doing them… at least sometimes.

And while I’ve been dreaming and procrastinating I found these good things…

1. I talked about being ok with my kids failing a while back, and this great post takes it another step, celebrating failures because the only ‘failure is not trying

2. “Advice Belongs in Relationships.” – that advice is gold, and there is more gold about giving and getting parenting advice here.

3. My kids have always wanted a marble run set… how did I not know that we already had one? All we need is the marbles!

4. My three year old is a little obsessed with googly eyes so when I found this video via Cool Mom Tech I knew he’d love it… plus it’s sung by Presidents of the United States lead singer so of course it’s cool

5. And while you are over at Youtube check out Sick Science… my big kids love their videos.

6. And now I am going to bake this… and then eat it all myself… and then regret it.

What do you wish you had time to do?

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  1. says

    Hehe love this post… especially the bit about wanting to bake unhealthy things and not clean up! I love baking but DO NOT love doing dishes at all! Enjoy your weekend!

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