Simple Christmas Threading.

Simple Christmas Threading - quick easy and cheap!

So now that the big birthday party is over and done with, now I can start thinking about Christmas…


Christmas is only five weeks away! I have so much to organise!

And of course, because I have so much to do, today I procrastinated. Instead of working through my to-do list, Noah and I did a quick and easy Christmassy craft to get us in the mood.

All you need for this simple Christmas threading activity is some patty pans (you might call them cupcake liners?), some straws and some string.

We use that plastic string you can get at craft stores as it is stiff enough to make it easy to use without a needle.

Simple Christmas Threading - quick easy and cheap!

To make the patty pan stars just fold a stack of patty pans in half (I did about four at a time) and cut trianges out of the curved edge. Then unfold, punch a hole in the middle and they are ready to thread.

Simple Christmas Threading for when you need a quick and easy Christmas activity.

I cut the straws into short lengths to make them easy to thread – too long and it is trickier to get your string through them and out the other end. I tied a piece of straw to the end of the string and that was it… Noah was ready to thread.

Simple Christmas Threading - quick easy and cheap!

Lots of fine motor skill practice and just a nice, simple activity to get us in the mood for Christmas!

Simple Christmas Threading - quick easy and cheap!

Are in full on Christmas mode already? Or are you just getting warmed up like me?

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  1. says

    Nice and simple. Kubi just started enjoying threading so its a good one for us too. Right inspiration at the right time. Thank you for posting.

  2. says

    What a simple and very beautiful Christmas decoration. Love it! It’s so lovely when children can make such decorations themselves and it doubles to develop important skills like the ones you mentioned. Great work Kate.
    P.S I’m only warming up to Christmas. LOL

    • katepickle says

      oh well…. I guess you can’t like everything! LOL I am sure there is something else that Aarya loves to do :)

  3. Stella says

    I very much enjoy your website. I have stringed popcorn, lifesavers and now I will string cup cake holders. I place scotch tape on the ends of the yarn, or string so the young children don’t have to use a needle. It works just fine
    Thank you for your ideas

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