Simple Parenting and Play Planner Review and Give Away.

Simple Parenting and Play Planner - find out more and win a copy

It’s funny how things pop up at just the right time…

A few weeks ago I felt like I was drowning in all the things I had to do and I just didn’t know how to get out of the busy cycle I was in. I asked you all for your ideas and suggestions and got some fabulous information, and I also got an email from Melitsa from Raising Playful Tots asking me if I would like to have a look at her Simple Parenting and Play Planner (Affiliate Link).

To be honest, initially I wasn’t sure if the planner was for me. Three out of my four kids are at school now, so my days are not all about play any more, and I wasn’t sure I had time to work through a system and follow guidelines, I was already busy enough! But something made me say yes, despite of my negative thoughts, and I am glad I did!

The planner is not just for parents with preschool aged kids, it is not a wordy ‘lesson’ with lots of workbook type pages to slog through, and it is not time consuming to use.

The Simple Parenting and Play Planner
is is full of information, ideas and inspiration. It is all the lists and routines and calendars you wish you had time to create for your family, already done and waiting for you to add your own information, ideas and dreams.

The ebook format is easy to read through and even easier to print the pages that you need right now to get on top of the things you have to do, and then go back and print the pages you’d love to work on to plan the things you want to do when you have more time.

It’s not only helped me feel a little more on top of my crazy schedule, but it’s also helped me plan for some of the things I wish we could do but never get around to. Things like individual time for our kids, and even a little time for me and my goals!

I’ve got some more great tips and ideas to share with you on ways to ‘beat busy’ coming up, but right now I have a copy of The Simple Parenting and Play Planner to give away!

Simple Parenting and Play Planner - find out more and win a copyWin a Simple Parenting and Play Planner.

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Jeniece!

If you didn’t win a copy of the play planner on my blog or one of the other blog tour partners then you can buy a copy of the downloadable print-and-write Simple Parenting and Play Planner for $15 USD here (affiliate link)

If you’d like to win a copy of The Simple Parenting and Play Planner simple leave a comment and answer the question – What do you wish you could do more of with your family? The most interesting or fun answer will win. Pop over to the Raising Playful Tots facebook page and say hello too.

Terms and Conditions.
Entry is open to everyone.
You must provide a valid email address and entries are limited to one per household/IP address.
Entries open Friday April 4th at 8:00pm and close Monday April 14 2014 at midday AEsT.
One winner will be contacted by email and announced on this post within 7 days of the competition ending.
The winner must contact me within 3 days or the prize will be re-drawn.
The winner agrees to have their contact details passed on to Melitsa from Raising Playful Tots who will organise to email the pdf document to the winner.

Simple Parenting and Play Planner - find out more and win a copy

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And if you can’t wait to find out if you’ve won, you can buy a copy of the downloadable print-and-write Simple Parenting and Play Planner for $15 USD here (affiliate link)

{Disclosure: I was given a copy of the planner in return for my honest feedback. I was not compensated for this post in any other way and the opinions expressed are my own. I liked the planner so much that I became an affiliate, so if you buy a copy of the planner via the affiliate links in this post I will receive a commission on those sales.}

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Kate says

    I wish I could have more quality family time, with a husband who works non-standard hours and so many errands to run when he is home I feel like we don’t get that time to enjoy the fun family times like picnics and trips to the beach – I really need a way to plan for the fun in life.

  2. CatherineVos says

    I wish I could remember to do all the ideas I plan and dream up! This planner looks so colourful and fun – I know it would help me keep focused. :)

  3. says

    My husband and I have so many great ideas for spending more time together as a family and it’s usually centres around wild and wonderful experiences for our little 2 year old. She is growing up so quickly that our busy family life can feel like those great ideas hard to make time for. Planning and prioritising is certainly the key and this planner looks like it would be helpful by writing it down on paper and making it happen. :)

  4. says

    I wish my family could get to the beach together more often – when we are on holidays we have lots of relaxing walks at the beach but once we get back to school and work it doesn’t happen nearly enough!

  5. Brandee says

    I wish I could spend more time outside playing with my family. Hopefully with spring coming it will easier!!

  6. Claire Nursey says

    I would love to have the time to carry out all the amazing crafty ideas i find, with my 4 and 2 year old. And also to create some time to have some quality family time. Not very interesting but could be really fun!!

  7. Aaren says

    I feel like I see so many wonderful ideas, but I lack organization. After work I usually end up asking my daughter something along the lines of “do want to color or have a dance party or go stomp in mud puddles?” I’d love to have a better handle on project ideas and play rotation.

  8. Michelle Martinez says

    I wish my family and I could go on more picnics at the park or at Brookfield Zoo!- Michelle (kindergarten teacher, Chicago)

  9. Rachael says

    I wish that I could spend more one on one time with each of my 3 children during the week concentrating on each of their interests and also be more organised to have more quality time as a whole family in the weekends.

  10. Sarah says

    I wish I could explore more with my family.
    Exploring together is great fun and creates awesome memories.
    From exploring local mangroves at low tide, to day trips to national parks, our awesome country has so much to offer for every age and ability.

  11. says

    Just need more time! More time to talk one on one with Master 6 and help with his school work. More time to take a dance class with Ms 3. More time to get outside and get active as a family!

  12. Jodie Moss says

    I wish I could just sit and play babribies more- dress up and get dirty in the back yard. Not be running around cooking and cleaning

  13. says

    Oh boy! This looks amazing!! Love love love it! :)
    I’d love to do more things outside… gardening, play, flying our kite, walking to the park, bushwalking to our waterfall.. We try to do these things as often as possible but sometimes they slip aside, especially as the weather cools down! :)

  14. Ronnie says

    My older two (7& 4) are now at the age where they can go into the backyard a play independently after school but I usually stay in to cook etc. I would love to get out more with them. Even though they can play together the always ask me to join in but I rarely feel like I have the time and when i do go out the 2 year old comes out too and i need to spend more time with her. They won’t ask forever!

  15. jodi says

    I have five children, so life is very busy……I would like to plan more day trips and exploring outings, to pick seasonal fruit/vegies, go to a river, explore a country town we have never been to, go to the beach, botanical gardens…..with all of us together as a family.

  16. says

    I wish I could find more outdoor experiences that we can do in our back yard that don’t take long… it’s usually so hot and so sunny, we need quick play ideas before moving back into the shade on the back porch.

  17. SeesBeauty says

    I wish I had more time for really messy play. The clean-up seems to take forever and it often over-shadows the play experience.

  18. Melissa Jones says

    I wish I could spend more time enjoying nature with my family, bushwalking, camping, BBQ on the beach or just lying down in the grass and talking to each other while breathing fresh air.

  19. TaniaM says

    The book looks great! I wish I had more time with the dad in the house too, only weekends is not enough for my three kids because there is always something to do around the house or some shopping to be done. We could do more picnics and adventures in the woods that our kids love!

  20. Kellie Hack says

    I would like to “Be” with my sons instead of looking at my electronic to do lists.
    I want to “be four” with my sons and make believe pirates in the tree tops and collect treasures.
    I want to “be for” my sons and have enough time and energy to get the housework done, dinner cooked but done without me having to deny time with them.
    I want to have something left at the end of the day with my husband, telling him tales of piracy and treasure hunts and share a meal and an actual conversation!

  21. jasmin says

    I want to plan my week ,so that I am able to spend quality time with both of my kids aged 6 and 1 in areas of their interest.It would be good if we can plan ahead and stick to the routine and not extend the office hours

  22. says

    Hi Kate-nice to *meet* you on this blog tour! I love what you’re creating here-it’s like a virtual playground for mamas. The phrase ‘printable downloads’ always makes my heart skip a beat and has my 6 year old feel like a little teacher, just like that. It’s perfect.

    Thank YOU for what you’re contributing to the world!

  23. says

    I wish we had more fun and playful times together as a family. I find it so hard to prioritise and I know how important it is. Sometimes it all gets a little too serious in our house! The planner looks great!

  24. Shelley says

    I wish that I was more organized. I often find so many great activities online in the evenings, but only manage to put into action a few of them. I want more playing time and less planning time!

  25. Elissa says

    I wish I could follow through with all the fun activities I see on the web with my family.

  26. Jessica Hayes says

    The idea of having a proper planner is a great one. I write a list then another & then another for the list. It’s crazy. I should be :- Getting outdoors more, creating more, crafting more, living more, loving more! Generally devoting more of me to my daughter (3&1/2) and son (1&1/2). Focusing on their individual needs as well as joint activities! Giving everything whole heatedly to them at the park, beach, farm, wherever it may be! Less stress, more happy!!

  27. Candace says

    I’m a brand new mom. I’m still adjusting around my babies schedule. I would love a place to put all the wonderful ideas I hear and see so I will remember everything my husband and I would like to experience with our son. So we can see the light in his eyes