Robot Drawing Prompts – Free Printable

Robot Drawing Prompts - free printable

I have learned the hard way, that when a three year old has an obsession with something, it is much easier to go with it, than fight against it!

Besides, kid’s learn best when they are doing something they are interested in, so following your child’s lead is one of the best ways for them to learn.

It doesn’t hurt, that going along with an obsession… ahem.. I mean an interest… also means that my boy is more likely to concentrate on an activity for longer, and go back to it again and again. That means I spend more time getting work done, and spend less time helping him find something to do.

I reminded myself of all those things yesterday as Noah stamped his foot and yelled “It has to be robots! I want to do robots… new robots!”

He’d played with the magnet robots we made for a while, but we’ve lost a few pieces and he was getting frustrated… so I decided to work with his interest in robots, and his love of drawing, and combine the two. I made some simple, robot drawing prompts, and just like that, our morning was filled with robots.

Robot Drawing Prompts - free printable

You can download the 3 page pdf file with these free printable robot drawing prompts here.

Of course one child’s obsession is often caught my the next one, so the afternoon was filled with robots too!

Robot Drawing Prompts - free printable

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  1. Kahler says

    Great idea! My son loves robots at the moment too, he’s been building gigantic imaginary ones and cardboard ones too, he’s going to love these robot prompts. Thanks for putting them together :)

  2. Fleur says

    Thanks for putting these together! Am printing them out now for my little boy to have a go at tomorrow.

  3. Barbara says

    My boys will love these prompts. They’re crazy for robots right now. I slipped them into clear page protectors to draw on them with dry erase markers. .. Gwen, what a good idea to make them into a book!

  4. kathleen says

    thank you so much for the printable there awesome my boys are gonna love them no more craying in the car cheers to yha

  5. says

    Thank you so much! My 5yr son wanted a robot themed birthday party with our family, so I was looking for easy, low-key activities adults can do too to expand THEIR creativity too! This will be fun!! =)


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