Happy Making

August 30, 2014

Happy Making - what's making you happy?

I am trying to make sure I notice the good things in each day, even if they are only small things, because often it is the small things that make me happy.

Small things like my four year old suddenly being interested in writing letters.

Small things like mastering a donut bun a ten days before my girls’ ballet exam.

Small things like my unwell big girl delighting in showing her little brother the vinegar and bicarb magic.

Small things like ordering seeds for the garden and turning in the winter cover crop with the tractor.

Small things like chocolate mug puddings after swimming lessons.

Small things like daffodils, and sunshine.

Small things like spring… that always comes right when I think I never will.

Small things like these great links…

  • 101 Kids Activities That are the Bestest Funnest Ever by Holly and Rachel from the Kids Activities Blog is now available at Australian book sellers, like Booktopia!
  • This perspective on FOMO (fear of missing out) is especially timely for me this weekend as I try to stay grounded in the goodness I have hear at home and not long to be at a blogging conference that ‘everyone else’ has gone to.
  • Wabi-sabi. I shared this on my facebook page but I am sharing it here again because I think this could be the perspective shift so many of us seek. Read Glenon’s blog at Momastry, it’s full of this kind of awesomeness.
  • Hard conversations… boy this one hit home.

What’s making you happy this week?


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You Gotta Laugh….

August 28, 2014

You gotta laugh or you’ll cry.

This is my parenting motto.

"You gotta laugh or you'll cry" - this is my parenting motto, what's yours?

It goes hand in hand with ‘assign positive intent‘, and ‘it’s never all bad‘.

Along with those phrases it repeats in my head often.

Small child draws a really fabulous, artistic picture… on the freshly painted wall.
You gotta laugh…

Children scream from the backseat that there is a HUGE spider and demand that you stop immediately. You pull off the freeway unpack the entire car to look for the spider. You finally find it, and it’s tiny.
You gotta laugh…

Child moans from the couch, “I don’t feel well” so you launch yourself across the room and attempt to catch an enormous amount of vomit in your tiny cupped hands, which of course doesn’t work.
You gotta laugh…

You spend an hour cleaning the kitchen, you even wipe out the fridge and wash down the cupboards, then your child drops a tub of yogurt as they get it out of the fridge and it explodes as it hits the floor.
You gotta laugh…

If you don’t laugh, if you let these things get you down, the weight of parenting and the every day monotony will crush your spirit.

It crushes mine every now and then when I can’t manage to see the lighter side.

When I get caught up in a cycle of ‘everything is going wrong’.
When I feel like every decision I make is a bad one.
When I declare that the universe has it in for me.
When I forget to laugh.

And then my four year old punches his sister, who is three times his size, and says, in his toughest voice, ‘I bet that hurt!’.

And suddenly it bursts forth from me as uncontrollable irrational laughter. It spills out of me as tears run down my cheeks and I can’t catch my breath or even begin to explain.

My family stand and stare at me with open mouths wondering if I have finally lost my mind but I haven’t…

It’s just that you gotta laugh, or you’ll cry.

Tell me about your ‘gotta laugh’ moments.


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