Play Dough Stamping.

Play dough stamping - a simple and fun play dough activity.

In between cooking rice and prepping dinner this morning I made some play dough. I used our really easy, never fail, microwave play dough recipe, but when it was done and cooling on the bench Noah looked at it and rolled his eyes… “But it’s just plain… you forgot to put the colour in it!” […]

Fun Free Printable Writing Prompts for Kids

Totally un-boring, seriously cool, free printable writing prompts for kids! Get your kids writing!

I have a seven year old who loves to read. He also love to draw. He reads and draws, and draws and reads, constantly. He also loves making up stories and creating imaginary animals and he has all kinds of crazy cool ideas… but he doesn’t like to write. “It’s boring.” “It’s too hard.” “It’s […]

A Sticky Cutting Tray Invitation to Play

Try this simple sticky cutting tray invitation to play and find out why your kids don't need fancy or expensive activities to learn important skills

Every now and then I remember that Noah is the smallest, and that while we’ve done so many fun activities over and over, that was with the big kids, back when he was a baby. So to him, self-adhesive paper, sticky side up, is still magical!     I put together a quick and easy […]

Make a Paper Doll’s House – Free Printable

Fold a paper house from one sheet of paper with this free printable template and some easy instructions

There is nothing we like more than turning a fun paper project into a fun printable project. My big kids have caught the printable bug off me, so when they learned to fold a cute origami ‘doll’s house’ at school, they came home full of ideas for turning it into a printable. With a few […]

Pasta Drawing Prompts

Pasta Drawing Prompts - a fun drawing challenge! Download our free printable drawing prompts if you don't have any pasta on hand

Dark gloomy days call for crazy fun activities don’t you think? On the weekend we broke up the miserably grey days with a very silly pasta drawing prompt! Inspired by the Rockin’ Art Moms (a fabulous group of arty bloggers), who issued a macaroni challenge, I challenged my kids to use a variety of pasta […]

Best Friends Day

Host a 'Best Friends Day' with LEGO Friends and our easy ideas including a free printable Lego playmat

This post is sponsored by Lego Friends. Every now and then you just need to spend a day hanging out with your best friends, doing all the stuff you love. Every now and then your Mum turns into the coolest Mum ever when she organises a best friends day and sets up all kinds of […]

Post Office Play – Free Printable Play Set

Post Office Play - use out free printables to set up your own post office complete with stamps and personal letter boxes!

It’s so much fun to get a real letter in your letter box! My kids got a postcard from a relative the other day and that sparked lots of conversation about letters and how they get from one place to another. We chatted about stamps, and how some letters go by plane, and how our […]

20+ Geoboard Ideas, Activities and Free Printables.

Make your super simple Geoboard! Plus 20+ Geoboard ideas, activities and free printables so you'll never run out of geoboard ideas!

We call it ‘busy work’ at our house. Busy work – a fine motor activity that keeps little hands busy and little minds engaged. It’s one of the best ways to redirect wildness, and to focus on something a little calmer. It’s perfect for when you don’t have lots of time to start, or patience, […]