Building and Reading with LEGO Juniors

Beginning Reading With Lego - because there is more to learning to reading than just words and books

This post is sponsored by LEGO Juniors. “I want to build it! Why can’t I make it myself? It’s too hard … It’s not fair.” He wants so much to be like his big brother and sisters and rip open the box, tip out the pieces, and follow the instructions to make an amazing LEGO […]

Scissor Skills: Snipping Flowers and Leaves

Snipping Flowers and Leaves - a fun way to practice scissor skills

Noah is four, and he wants to cut everything! I remember a certain other small child with the same passion, and she ended up cutting her hair on several occasions! I am kinda keen for Noah to be so busy cutting appropriate things that he won’t have the urge to cut anything he shouldn’t be […]

Crazy DIY Geoboard

Make your own DIY Geoboard and add some cool and crazy accessories for even more fun!

It’s really no fun when you are sick, and it’s raining, and Mum won’t let you watch TV…. It’s no fun at all, until Mum goes a little overboard and makes a huge, DIY geoboard, and adds all kinds of crazy accessories! It’s funny how a simple idea grows into something much cooler than you […]

Map Drawing Prompt: Free Printable.

Mapmaker Drawing Prompt - make your own maps with this free printable drawing prompt

Recently a fellow blogger and author, Allison Tait, sent me a copy of her new book – The Mapmaker Chronicles, Race to the End of The World. My kids couldn’t agree on who should get to read it first, so I settled the argument by reading it aloud to them all, one chapter a night. […]

Experimenting with Things that Smell.

Smelly Potions - experiment with things that smell with this fun activity

“I want to do sperimenting” Noah said one afternoon. “You want to do what??” I asked, not understanding his unusual four year old pronunciation. “Sperimenting, like we did the other day… sperimenting with the dwoppers!” Ooooh… he means experimenting, like when we played with some eye droppers and coloured water a while back I love […]

Pattern Blocks – 20 ideas, activities and free printables

A simple invitation to play with pattern blocks - find lots of ideas, activities and resources for pattern block play

Noah is four. For a four year old he is pretty good at playing independently for fairly long periods of time, but sometimes he needs a little encouragement to get started. Sometimes, when I really need to get some work done and he just can’t settle into playing with any of the toys we have […]

Free Printable Monster Drawing Prompts!

Free printable monster drawing prompts!

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated here in Australia, but over the last few years it has become more and more popular. The shops are filling up with costumes, and decorations, and Halloween lollies (candy), and my four year old has begun to notice and ask questions. A few years ago Noah was scared of anything […]

Go Outside! Easy ideas for outside play.

Ways to encourage your kids to go outside - take inside activities outside.

This post is sponsored by Three Sun Possums “The sun is shining, spring is here! Ok kids, off you go, outside!” Sometimes my kids are out the door before I have even finished the sentence, but sometimes they need a little coaxing. I’m a bit like that too. Sometimes I need a little push to […]