Glow Stick Play Dough

Glow Stick Play Dough - when you need a quick activity to make your child smile

I had half an hour free, and I needed to do something to connect with my four year old. I’ve been putting some effort into connecting with my three big kids while they were home over the holidays and while Noah loves having them around, I knew he’s missed out on the one on one […]

3D Drawings

3D Drawings - a quick and easy art activity

“Can we paint?” “yeah! can we paint!!??” It was an hour before dinner, I really didn’t want to get out the paints. I needed an activity that was more exciting than painting for the big kids, was doable for my four year, was quick to set up, and wouldn’t make a huge mess. For a […]

Monster Blow Painting

Monster Blow Painting - an easy art idea

We first had a go at blow painting a long time ago, when my girls were still small, my big boy just a baby, and the baby not even born yet! When my kids were little, art was all about the process and not so much about the product, and blow painting was all about […]

Gardening and Growing Play Dough Mats – Free Printable!

Free Printable Garden and Growing Play Dough Mats!

I would have liked to get out into the garden today… but it has been rainy and cold here, and the veggie garden is a muddy mess. So we made play dough gardens instead, and I made some fun gardening and growing play dough mats. With a few lumps of play dough and some accessories […]

Four Easy Art Activities For Kids

4 Easy Art Activities we did last week - because doing art with your kids doesn't have to be difficult!

I often get comments and emails from peope asking how they can do art activities work for their kids when they are not ‘arty’, are already super busy, and just can’t see how to manage all these ‘fancy activities’. The thing is, I am busy too… I don’t have the time or the money to […]

Make a CD Case stained Glass Window

Make a CD case stained glass window!

I have a had a packet of new, bright coloured, sharpies sitting in my art cupboard for nearly two months. Every now and then I look at them and wonder what project will be worthy of cracking that plastic packaging and getting them out. On the weekend I found a whole bunch of empty CD […]

Eye Dropper Activity Tray

Eye Dropper Activity Tray - fine motor, art and science rolled into one fab activity!

Eye droppers are fabulous tools for kids. They work the small muscles in their hands, which they need to develop for writing, plus you can do so many fun things with them! My ten year old helped me set up a surprise for her little brother and together we created this fun eye dropper activity […]

A Castle Story – Imaginative Play in Action

A Castle Story - Imaginative Play in Action

This post includes sponsored links from Entropy, check the end of this post for a great giveaway. The Castle Story By Noah – aged 4. Once upon a time there was a castle. In front of the castle there was a big forest, at the edge of the forest there was a river, and after […]