Make a CD Case stained Glass Window

Make a CD case stained glass window!

I have a had a packet of new, bright coloured, sharpies sitting in my art cupboard for nearly two months. Every now and then I look at them and wonder what project will be worthy of cracking that plastic packaging and getting them out. On the weekend I found a whole bunch of empty CD […]

Eye Dropper Activity Tray

Eye Dropper Activity Tray - fine motor, art and science rolled into one fab activity!

Eye droppers are fabulous tools for kids. They work the small muscles in their hands, which they need to develop for writing, plus you can do so many fun things with them! My ten year old helped me set up a surprise for her little brother and together we created this fun eye dropper activity […]

A Castle Story – Imaginative Play in Action

A Castle Story - Imaginative Play in Action

This post includes sponsored links from Entropy, check the end of this post for a great giveaway. The Castle Story By Noah – aged 4. Once upon a time there was a castle. In front of the castle there was a big forest, at the edge of the forest there was a river, and after […]

Free Printable Kids Letter Writing Set

Free Printable Kids Letter Writing Set

My big boy is a fabulous reader, but when it comes to writing, well, let’s just say it is not really his thing. But he’d really like to get better at writing, so we are trying to practice at home and make it fun. One way to make writing fun is to write letters to […]

20 Activities for Multi-Age Groups

20 Activities that work for multi age groups

Do you need to keep kids of different ages occupied? Are you looking for an activity that will work for the toddler, the preschooler and the school kids? Here are 20 activities for multi-age groups. An open-ended activity like art journaling means everyone can join in at their own pace and with their own style. […]

Recycled Container Printing

printing with recycled containers

“This container has a funny bottom.” He giggled as he grabbed the plastic food container out of the recycling bin, but he also gave me a great idea! “Can you find other containers with funny bottoms?” I asked him. We rifled through the bin together pulling out several plastic trays and containers. It’s amazing how […]

Crazy Faces Loose Parts Play!

Make these crazy faces with some loose parts and our free printable facial features!

Can I tell you how much I love ‘loose parts’ play? I love it, my kids love, we all really really love it! Before I’d heard of it’s trendy name we called it ‘tiny treasures‘ play as my kids always thought the glass gems and other little things were like treasures! But ‘loose parts’ is […]

Make a Window Easel

Make a simple window easel and get creating!

Painting or drawing at an easel offers a different perspective to the usual creating on a flat surface or table. It also offers lots of opportunities for using shoulder and arm muscles, kids need to develop those muscles to give them support and stability when they write. But what if you don’t have an easel? […]