Colour Your Own Free Printable Christmas Wrapping Paper

Free printable colour your own Christmas wrapping paper - colour in your own Christmas gift wrap for totally unique gifts!

Last week Noah and I made a fun Christmas garland and the free printable we created gave you a bit of a sneak peak into this years Christmas Printables. The designs used for the garland will feature in many of our 2014 Christmas Printables, and today we used them to create some fun ‘colour your […]

Make an Easy Christmas Garland – Free Printable

Make an easy Christmas garland with this free printable.

All of a sudden Noah is intensly interested in all things Christmas. It started when we put up the Christmas tree a few days ago and the questions have been pouring out of him every since! “When will it be Christmas? How does Santa know what I want? Does Santa go to the same shops […]

Free Printable Christmas Play Dough Mats

Free Printable Christmas Play Dough Mats - Decorate the Christmas Tree

Have you been following along with our Christmas sensory play series? So far we’ve covered sight and sound and this week’s sense is touch! This year we’ve really enjoyed sharing or free printable play dough mats, and it seems you’ve loved creating with them as much as we have. So of course, for the theme […]

12 Simple Collage Ideas

12 Simple Collage ideas to get you gluing and sticking with your kids!

Gluing, cutting and pasting, sticking…whatever you call it, collage is one of the easiest, open-ended, art activities you can offer your child. All you need is some glue (here’s an easy recipe to make glue at home) something to stick on to (cut up cereal boxes work great) and something to stick (here’s a list […]

Christmas Drawing and Listening Game

Christmas Drawing and Listening Game - with a free printable Christmas tree drawing prompt

This week’s Christmas sensory play ideas are all about sound! As far as I am concerned the best thing about Christmas is the music! Corny songs, everyone singing along, there is nothing better than that! My kids, on the other hand, are not quite as into daggy Christmas music as I am, but they LOVED […]

Change the Drawing Paper.

An easy drawing activity - Simply changing the shape or size of the paper can encourage new creativity and imagination

Noah loves to draw, but he also loves to watch TV. Recently I’ve noticed his TV hours have been creeping up, directly correlating with how overwhelmed I’ve been feeling. Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of TV, and I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes the downtime it affords me and my […]

Free Printable Christmas Glasses!

Free Printable: Christmas Glasses!

I’m joining some of my favourite bloggers to share some fabulous Christmas Sensory play ideas! Each week, Childhood101, Nurture Store, Babble Dabble Do, Meri Cherry, Toddler Approved and I will be sharing a range of activities to inspire you to explore the holiday season through your senses! This week we are focussing on the sense […]

Building and Reading with LEGO Juniors

Beginning Reading With Lego - because there is more to learning to reading than just words and books

This post is sponsored by LEGO Juniors. “I want to build it! Why can’t I make it myself? It’s too hard … It’s not fair.” He wants so much to be like his big brother and sisters and rip open the box, tip out the pieces, and follow the instructions to make an amazing LEGO […]