Crazy Faces Loose Parts Play!

Make these crazy faces with some loose parts and our free printable facial features!

Can I tell you how much I love ‘loose parts’ play? I love it, my kids love, we all really really love it! Before I’d heard of it’s trendy name we called it ‘tiny treasures‘ play as my kids always thought the glass gems and other little things were like treasures! But ‘loose parts’ is […]

Make a Window Easel

Make a simple window easel and get creating!

Painting or drawing at an easel offers a different perspective to the usual creating on a flat surface or table. It also offers lots of opportunities for using shoulder and arm muscles, kids need to develop those muscles to give them support and stability when they write. But what if you don’t have an easel? […]

Fun Food Play Dough Mats

Fun Food! Free Printable Play Dough Mats (They make great place mats too!)

It’s funny how things happen. It started when we resurfaced our old dining table and I decided we needed place mats to protect the table a little, and that lead to me making some simple laminated place mats to help my big kids remember how to set the table. But as soon as Noah saw […]

Exploring and Creating with Coloured Glue

Exploring and Creating with Coloured Glue - an easy art activity

Sometimes art is all about getting stuff onto paper, and getting sticky and messy as you go. That is what our art looked like this morning when I gathered the empty glue bottles, added a little PVA to each bottle (we used Micdor craft glue but you can use any white craft/school glue), a dash […]

How to Make a Simple Animation.

How to Make Simple Animations - with free printable storyboard and paper shapes to use in your animation.

My kids are a little bit movie and animation crazy at the moment. It is Izzy’s goal in life to watch ever Tim Burton film ever made, and Zoe is slowly reading every book that has been made into an animation by Hayao Miyazaki. Izzy is going to be a director when she grows up […]

Printing With Newspaper

Two easy ways to print with newspaper or any scrap paper.

It’s winter holidays here, that means that I need art activities that are interesting and challenging for the bigger kids, but also easy enough for Noah (four years old) to join in. Today we decided to experiment with newspaper and paint. We came up with two ideas for printing with newspaper, one super simple, and […]

More Printable Imaginative Play Mats!

Free Printable Imaginative Play Mats - Frozen Land and Space Land!

We’ve had so much fun playing with the first two printable imaginative play mats that I created, and so many of you have told me all the fun ways you have used them and given me some great ideas for some new play mats, so here you go – here are two new printable imaginative […]

30+ Boredom Busters for the Holidays.

30+ Boredom Buster Ideas for the Holidasy - plus a free printable boredom buster list and a weekly planner

Last school holidays I ended up writing a list of jobs my kids cold do and allocating them every time the ‘I’m bored’s got too many and began to drive me insane. It worked quite well, but when I saw Childhood 101′s parent smarter post about being prepared I knew that taking it a step […]