Straw and Stick Constructions

Straw and Stick Constructions - what can you build from straws, sticks and tape?=

My two boys had been home together for a few days thanks to a mystery rash and a sore arm. By the fourth day I was going slightly insane… the arguing, the chasing, the punching, the standing on their heads on the couch! Obviously if they were feeling well enough to fight with each other […]

Dino Slime!

Dino Slime! Quick and easy sensory play in a mixing bowl!

I love setting up fun little play-scapes for Noah. At four and a half he is just bursting with subjects that he is interested in and it’s easy to grab one of those ideas and create an invitation for independent play. But as much as I love it, I don’t want to spend hours setting […]

Christmas Imaginative Play

Set up a simple Christmas Imaginary play scene that even smells like Christmas!

Noah’s obsession with all things Christmas continues. He recently discovered that our Christmas tree was not real, and he was quite disappointed. He has asked about ‘real’ Christmas tress almost every day since, so today I took him to see a real Christmas tree… one of the enormous pine trees that grow in a forest […]

Make an Easy Christmas Garland – Free Printable

Make an easy Christmas garland with this free printable.

All of a sudden Noah is intensly interested in all things Christmas. It started when we put up the Christmas tree a few days ago and the questions have been pouring out of him every since! “When will it be Christmas? How does Santa know what I want? Does Santa go to the same shops […]

Free Printable Christmas Play Dough Mats

Free Printable Christmas Play Dough Mats - Decorate the Christmas Tree

Have you been following along with our Christmas sensory play series? So far we’ve covered sight and sound and this week’s sense is touch! This year we’ve really enjoyed sharing or free printable play dough mats, and it seems you’ve loved creating with them as much as we have. So of course, for the theme […]

12 Simple Collage Ideas

12 Simple Collage ideas to get you gluing and sticking with your kids!

Gluing, cutting and pasting, sticking…whatever you call it, collage is one of the easiest, open-ended, art activities you can offer your child. All you need is some glue (here’s an easy recipe to make glue at home) something to stick on to (cut up cereal boxes work great) and something to stick (here’s a list […]

Change the Drawing Paper.

An easy drawing activity - Simply changing the shape or size of the paper can encourage new creativity and imagination

Noah loves to draw, but he also loves to watch TV. Recently I’ve noticed his TV hours have been creeping up, directly correlating with how overwhelmed I’ve been feeling. Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of TV, and I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes the downtime it affords me and my […]

Experimenting with Things that Smell.

Smelly Potions - experiment with things that smell with this fun activity

“I want to do sperimenting” Noah said one afternoon. “You want to do what??” I asked, not understanding his unusual four year old pronunciation. “Sperimenting, like we did the other day… sperimenting with the dwoppers!” Ooooh… he means experimenting, like when we played with some eye droppers and coloured water a while back I love […]