Glow Stick Play Dough

Glow Stick Play Dough - when you need a quick activity to make your child smile

I had half an hour free, and I needed to do something to connect with my four year old. I’ve been putting some effort into connecting with my three big kids while they were home over the holidays and while Noah loves having them around, I knew he’s missed out on the one on one […]

Eye Dropper Activity Tray

Eye Dropper Activity Tray - fine motor, art and science rolled into one fab activity!

Eye droppers are fabulous tools for kids. They work the small muscles in their hands, which they need to develop for writing, plus you can do so many fun things with them! My ten year old helped me set up a surprise for her little brother and together we created this fun eye dropper activity […]

Make a Window Easel

Make a simple window easel and get creating!

Painting or drawing at an easel offers a different perspective to the usual creating on a flat surface or table. It also offers lots of opportunities for using shoulder and arm muscles, kids need to develop those muscles to give them support and stability when they write. But what if you don’t have an easel? […]

Finger Painting With Added Extras!

Fun accessories to add to finger painting - plus three easy finger paint recipes.

Finger painting is all about squishing, smoooshing, sliding, squelching, wiggling, and slipping around in paint. It’s more sensory experience that art actvity, and it is all about the process, the doing, and not much about the finished product. We LOVE to finger paint at our house. We love to get our hands all slippery with […]

Road Trip Drawing Prompts – Free Printables.

Road Trip Drawing Prompts - free printables to keep the kids buys in the car

We are taking a bit of a road trip! Yay! When you stuff four kids and two adults into a car for hours on end, you need a few distractions to stop you all losing your minds! We usually pack a few small toys (the dino crayons in the photo above double as toys and […]

Five Easy Alternatives to a Water Table

Five Easy Alternatives to a Water Table - Plastic Tubs

I love to set up water play and other sensory play for my kids. It can get a little messy but it’s an activity that always engages my kids for long periods, they will often all happily play together and it seems to calm fractious nerves, so it is worth a little mess. We don’t […]

20+ Drawing Ideas and Activities

20+ Drawing Ideas and Activities from

Drawing is a fabulous easy activity; it is pretty much mess free, it is quick and easy to set up and pack up, you can do it almost anywhere and the supplies needed and cheap and easy to find. Drawing is also a great learning activity with lots of fine motor skill and development, problem […]

Zero to Two – the Book of Play

Zero to Two - the book of play - get your copy

After a stressful few days worrying about bush fires in our area, it was time for my smallest child and I to do something fun and positive. So we got out the bee hive and little bee puppets I created for a wonderful ebook called Zero to Two. And while Noah was playing with the […]