The Garden is…

The garden is more than just a distraction...

I am quietly surprised about how much I love growing fruit and veggies. I used to think the garden was the domain of the old lady. The lady who’s hours are not filled with children and laundry and meal times – the garden was a nice distraction. And it is a distraction, one that calls […]

Eat What You Grow – Spinach and Potato Slice

Spinach and Potatoe slice - an easy crustl-ess quiche recipe

We’ve got a lot of ‘green stuff’ growing in our garden at the moment. ‘Green stuff’ is the generic term used by my children to describe any green leafy vegetable. It could be spinach, kale, silverbeet (chard), pak choy – if it’s has lots of green leaves and it’s edible, it is ‘green stuff’. Despite […]

Making Homemade Chamomile Tea

Make your own chamomile tea - it's easy once you get the chamomile to grow!

The firs time I tried to grow chamomile I carefully planted neat rows of seeds into nice fertile soil and watered them diligently, and, nothing happened. One stunted little plant grew with a couple of fuzzy leaves but it never flowered. The following year I chucked what was left of the chamomile seeds into the […]

Summer Garden

Summer Garden

The veggie garden is green and full and lovely at the moment. Some cooler summer days and loads of spring rain has made everything leafy and wild I can’t believe I planted so much this year. It didn’t feel like a lot back in spring. I just kept heaping dirt into rows and popping more […]

Eat What Your Grow – Spring Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Kid friendly food gardening - eating what you grow! An easy spring salad and balsamic dressing

It was a warm weekend here on the Pickle Farm, and sunny weather in mid-October means it’s time to start planting seeds in the garden. So the kids and I spent most of the weekend shoveling horse poop, poking little seeds into the dirt and playing with the hose. It was glorious! The garden is […]

Kid Friendly Food Gardening – Autumn Harvest.

Kid Friendly Food Gardening - Getting the kids invovled in the last of the harvest.

We’ve eaten our way through all the delicious spring and summer veggies we planted and now that the weather has turned chilly it’s just about time to give up on the stragglers and rip out all the plants so we can prep the beds for winter. But we still have some veggies that are holding […]

Kid Friendly Gardening – Summer Garden.


Our food garden is at it’s peak production right now. With lots of long sunny days and lots of lovely bore water things are growing, fruiting and ripening and we are are to fill our meals with home grown food as well as share with friends and family. It’s the best time of the year […]

Kid Friendly Food Gardening – Grow Your Own Mushrooms

grow your own mushrooms

One of the goals for our kid friendly good garden is to have a go at growing the fruit and veggies that we like to eat. Sometimes that is easy, we usually grow more zucchinis and strawberries than we could ever eat, but sometimes it is harder, we struggle to grow even one capsicum or […]