Free Printable Christmas Glasses!

Free Printable: Christmas Glasses!

I’m joining some of my favourite bloggers to share some fabulous Christmas Sensory play ideas! Each week, Childhood101, Nurture Store, Babble Dabble Do, Meri Cherry, Toddler Approved and I will be sharing a range of activities to inspire you to explore the holiday season through your senses! This week we are focussing on the sense […]

2013 Christmas Printables – Penguin Tags!

2013 Christmas Printables - Penguin Gift Tags!

This week I had the crazy idea to share a week of Christmas printables on my blog. I’ve made sewn paper stockings, colour your own wrapping paper, plus a full colour version, and some fun little paper decorations, and today it was time to make some gift tags. As I worked on the gift tags […]

2013 Christmas Printables – Star and Circle Paper Decorations

2013 Christmas Printables -paper decorations to print and make

I had good intentions today. Intentions to get all the washing done, to weed the garden and to get some tasks finished that have been hanging over my head for way too long. I had good intentions today, then school rang and I had to go pick up my unwell boy, and then garlic needed […]

2013 Christmas Printables – Wrapping Paper

2013 Christmas Printables -printable wrapping paper!

Have you been busy colouring your one of a kind ‘colour your own wrapping paper‘?? Not your thing? Don’t have any kids handy? Or maybe you just don’t have time to colour anything and you need to wrap something now!!! That’s ok, because today I am sharing the full colour version of the wrapping paper! […]

2013 Christmas Printables – Colour Your Own Wrapping Paper.

2013 Christmas Printables - colour your own wrapping paper!

I am a terrible wrapper. I want to wrap beautiful gifts, with fancy ribbons and extra embellishments. I want people to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over the wrapping before they even find out how awesome the gift is. I want to be a good wrapper, but I’m not. My paper is never straight, I can’t fold […]

2013 Christmas Printables – Sewn Paper Stockings

Sewn Paper Stockings - print your own paper stockings, sew them up and fill them with goodies!

I had to wrap some early Christmas presents on the weekend. I wrapped some books, and some bowls of yummy goodies and a couple of toys, and then I got to the pile of little gifts we were giving to my niece and nephews and wondered how on earth I was going to wrap all […]

Christmas Printables from 2011

christmas printables

Each year I create a new set of free Christmas printables. These are the printables from 2011… Quick and Easy Gift Tags Printable Christmas Posters Print and Fold Gift Boxes Printable Jar Labels – in colour and some to colour in. Christmas Letter Writing set Christmas Postcard Template. Printable Folded Gift Card. My 2012 printables […]

2012 Christmas Printables – Christmas Cupcake Toppers

christmas cupcake toppers

Yesterday was my big boy’s last day at kinder (preschool). We made cupcakes for the party, chocolate ones, because that is his teacher’s favourite kind, according to Morgan. The kids ate and played and Santa came riding on the back of the local fire truck, siren’s blazing, and now we are done. Done with the […]