Menu Regret and Corn Fritters

Corn Fritters - easy and delicious recipe for breakfast lunch or dinner!

A little while ago some friends and I dragged ourselves out of bed early one Sunday morning and went to the Peninsula Hot Springs. It was lovely. We sat around in pools of natural thermal mineral water, we plunged into totally freaking freezing plunge pools, we sat in steam rooms, we walked over bumpy rocks […]

Golden Syrup Muffins

Golden Syrup Muffins

Quick, easy, low mess, and definitely no icing. Those were the requirements when my seven year old asked me if we could bake something. I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with anything that took too much brain power or too much cleaning up. He looked through the big old recipe book that is […]

Cinnamon Crunch Apple Cake

Cinnamon Crunch Apple Cake - easy and delicious recipe

Having guests for afternoon tea sounds so ‘proper’, and a ‘proper’ afternoon tea wouldn’t be at all ‘proper’ without a ‘proper’ tea cake. The reality of afternoon tea didn’t turn out quite as ‘proper’, which could have had something to do with the number of kids who were racing around our yard, dressing up and […]

15 Kid-friendly Snack Balls

15 Kid-friendly Snack Ball Recipes.

I was sitting at dancing with a fellow dance-mum the other week, and we were idly scrolling through facebook and chatting (as you do) and we both kept seeing posts for snack balls in our feed. We both wondered out loud if they tasted as good as they looked, if they were easy to make, […]

Kids Can Cook – Homemade Ice Pops

Home-made ice pops! My kids came up with four fun flavours to make their own ice pops. Set your kids a challenge to see what flavours they can come up with!

This summer started off slow, then got decidedly cold and grumpy during the holidays and has only now come good with some decent warm weather! Instead of complaining about the not so summery summer holidays we are making the most of these late warm days and holding on to summer as much as we can. […]

Herb and Garlic Oil

Herb and garlic oil - a simple way to preserve home-grown garlic

Growing your own garlic takes some time, but it is so worth it! There is nothing better than fresh garlic, especially when you know it was grown in your own dirt, not sprayed with anything nasty, and not stored for months while it was shipped from overseas, and it’s really easy to grow. Mid-autumn you […]

Lazy Bread

Lazy Bread - easy 'no knead' bread dough that that last for a week in the fridge!

I’ve been in love with my bread machine for a while now. I don’t even use it to cook the bread, and I still love it. I love that I can just dump the ingredients in, turn it on and walk away. I love that it does all the hard work of kneading and rising […]

Chocolate Cereal Cookies

Chocolate Cereal Cookies

After a week and half of refusing to accept that the holidays were over and my kids were heading back to school, I have been forced to give in. Not only did I deposit my three big kids at school this morning, but I also dropped my baby off at kinder (preschool). Yep, my baby […]