Grow It and Eat It – 12 Super Spinach Recipes

Super Spinach! - how to grow it and 10 great spinach recipes that even the kids will eat!

I am not a winter gardener. I just can’t bring myself to battle with the frost and ice and mud that we get here over winter, so I pretty much give up gardening during the colder months. But despite crazy icy mornings this year, and total and utter neglect, good old reliable spinach is growing […]

Lemon and Berry Muffins

Lemon and berry muffins - a quick and easy Monday morning treat

It’s Monday Muffin Morning! I’ve decided we all need some incentive to get out of bed on Monday mornings, so I’ve declared Monday to be muffin day. I figure my homemade muffins probably contain the same amount of sugar as a bowl of commercial cereal, and a lot less preservatives and chemicals, so having a […]

Quick and Easy Flat Bread.

Quick and easy, no yeast, flat bread recipe.

It’s a sad reflection on my crazy life that it is easier just to make flat bread from scratch than it is to load all four kids into the car and drive all the way into town to buy some! But it’s also a reflection on how quick and easy this flat bread recipe is. […]

Simple Lunch Box Ideas

Simple Lunch Box ideas - Simple tips and tricks for taking the stress out of school lunches

Thanks to one of my long time readers for suggesting this week’s ‘Keep it Simple’ topic – lunch boxes! I’ve been managing school lunches for the past seven years and I don’t love it. Trying to come up with new ideas, dealing with kids who don’t eat sandwiches, and the relentlessness of the task, it […]

Simple Tips for Meal Planning

Simple tips and free printables for easy meal planning

Last week I shared some simple tips and ideas for getting a meal on the table without losing your mind. There was a free printable master meals list to get you started with meal planning and today we are looking at meal planning in more detail, with lots of simple tips, tricks and free printables […]

Tips for Simple Family Meals

Simple tips and tricks for family meals

This week the ‘keep it simple’ series is tackling the tricky task of feeding our families. “Why do they want dinner every, single, night?” Right up there with the never ending monotony of laundry is the constant job of feeding a family. Even those people who enjoy cooking can find themselves totally demoralized as they […]

Lazy Pizza Scrolls

Lazy pizza scrolls - an easy no-knead recipe, perfect for school lunches

Ah school lunches, my nemesis! If only all my kids ate plain boring sandwiches! If only they all liked the same thing, and would eat it every day! If only I could just magic the right food into the right lunch boxes on the right days without even getting out of bed! Alas no lunchbox […]

Chocolate Coconut Bars

Chocolate Coconut Bars - easy to make, wheat-free, nut-free and refined sugar-free and really really yum!

The last day of the holidays called for a little rollerskating, a little painting, and a little baking. My kids requested muesli bars but I’ve made them so often that I just don’t have the muesli bar love any more. I really needed to make something different. So I turned to my trusty pinterest board […]