Lemon Meringue Slice

Eeasy Lemon Meringue Slice recipe

Lemons are like gold at our house. We have managed to kill three lemon trees since we moved here. They are something we just can’t grow. But everyone in our house loves lemon, some of us to the point of insanity! If Zoe gets the chance she will peel and eat a lemon like you […]

Crazy Lump Cookies

Crazy Lump Cookies

It’s become a bit of a school holiday tradition – when Dad is on night shift, we hire some DVDs, make some crazy over the top, snack and settle in for a night of movie watching together. The last few movie nights we’ve made crazy gooey cookie bars, but these holidays we made something new. […]

Eat What You Grow – Spinach and Potato Slice

Spinach and Potatoe slice - an easy crustl-ess quiche recipe

We’ve got a lot of ‘green stuff’ growing in our garden at the moment. ‘Green stuff’ is the generic term used by my children to describe any green leafy vegetable. It could be spinach, kale, silverbeet (chard), pak choy – if it’s has lots of green leaves and it’s edible, it is ‘green stuff’. Despite […]

Kid-made Chilli

Easy kid-made chilli recipe - and 4 easy meal ideas using the chilli sauce.

This year my big kids and I have been working on expanding their cooking repertoire. They are fabulous at helping me in the kitchen, and we are beginning to build up a list of recipes they can make pretty much on their own. We are slowly adding more and more dinner recipes to the list […]

Homemade Crackers

homemade crackers - simple herb and olive oil cracker recipe.

“Mum…” There is that certain lilt in his voice that makes me think he is about to ask for something he knows he can’t have, or tell me something totally ridiculous. It ends up being the latter. “Mum… if someone says ‘biscuit’ how can you tell if they are talking about a sweet biscuit, or […]

Kids Can Cook – Chocolate Mug Pudding

Chocolate Mug Pudding- free printable visual recipe so kids can cook this themselves

“Could we have dessert?” She asked gingerly. Dessert is not an every night thing in our house. It is not even a sometimes thing. It is more of a ‘whenever I get the urge to make something sweet kinda thing’ and that is not all that often. On this particular night I barely had the […]

8 Easy Homemade Bread Recipes

8 Easy Homemade Bread Recipes - bread rolls

It is a sad indication of how insane my life is that I often find it easier to make my own bread than to put all the kids in the car and go and buy some bread at the shops! I used to think that making your own bread was hard and time consuming, and […]

Veggie Nuggets

monsterific veggie nuggets!

My husband ate my blog post. Yep, you read that right, my husband ATE my blog post. I made some delicious little veggie nuggets for dinner last night, and before the ravenous hoards scoffed the lot, I hid a couple in a container in the fridge so I could photograph them in better light this […]