What Can We Do Today?? – Dance

Is it cold and raining where you are at the moment? Or maybe way too hot to go outside? It’s cold and wet here and on days like today it seems so much harder to out of the house to do something. It also seems like all the girls do is sit around. Even if we do crafts or play a game, it’s not very physical is it?

Today, when they asked ‘What can we do today?” for the tenth time, on a whim, I said – DANCE!

Dig out your old CDs, choose something with a good beat, turn up the stereo nice and loud and DANCE!

We ditched the kids music and chose a selection from my old CDs – a bit of The Beetles, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (the Twinadoe’s favourite) a bit of the Commitments , Land of a Thousand Dances (we love this song, you can see us getting down to it here) and a wild crazy dance to My Sharona by The Knack. We even put on some Madonna and I tried to teach the girls to do ‘the bus stop’ to Holiday but they were too busy twirling and giggling to pay attention!

Apart from getting us all moving (I probably needed it more than the kids) is also made us all laugh. Muski thought it was especially funny to wave the maracas around and dong me in the head with it, so did his sisters actually! It definitely lightened the mood so I must remember this trick next time I am ready to murder someone – dancing is good for the soul!

What’s your favourite dance track?

What did you do today?

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  1. says

    GOrgeous pics Kate, I took some of Quinn earlier this year that are very similar and loved the way the conveyed movement and grace, these are beautiful, you MUST scrap them!

  2. Sumara says

    Good idea, Kate, and gorgeous photos. :)

    We usually dance to Queen round here. B particularly loves I Want It All and It’s a Kind of Magic. :)

    Oh and today I did, well, not much. Tried to get the baby to sleep and tried to get a bit of housework done

  3. says

    Ohh we love dancing! I have a CD of African drumming music that is great for a groove. “Jambezi” is also one of our favourite bands – their music is awesome!

  4. says

    We love dancing in this house. I especially love watching the big girls dance and have Ivy and Noah trying to copy their moves.
    The photos are so gorgeous.

  5. says

    We find dancing is a great way to diffuse stressful situations, make whinging kids giggle, make Mum appreicate her silly little ones and have a laugh. It’s great exercise too. I love watching my 15 month old dance…he’s just learnt to turn around in circles and he does it until he’s dizzy and falls down. So cute!
    Nice post and thanks for reminding me to dance!