Sunshine and Rain.

This time of the year, on our little patch of dirt, the weather is fickle.

This morning I was woken up just as the sun was rising. It was cold, but not bone chillingly freezing like it was the other night. Outside though, the world was covered with frost. White crunchy crystals coated everything.

An hour or two later the sun was well and truly up, shining through the windows, warming little patches on the bare floor. Looking out again, the frost was beginning to retreat. On the sunny side of things it was all but gone. On the shady side it still clung, cold and damp.

By the time we tumbled into the car to head to kinder the frost was gone and it looked like it would be a gloriously sunny day. It smelled just a little like spring – warm and damp.

The sunshine coerced me out the back door to hang the washing on the line. I decided to wash the sheets and hang them out too. No sooner had I stripped the beds and dumped the lot into the machine, it began to cloud over. Not just little white puffy clouds either, but a long expanse of grey.

The washing machine was not done it’s cycle when it began to rain. What was I going to do with all that washing?

It rained for a little while then it stopped. I could see blue sky off to the west. In a little while the sun came out again – there was still hope! So I hung out the sheets and pillow cases, the doona covers and towels.

Within the hour the clouds were back. It rained again, even harder than before. I should have known better. I should have cut my losses then and there and dragged the washing inside – but what would I do with all that wet washing??

Once again I was taunted with a clearing in the clouds, blue sky and sunshine again for a few moments. Then once again it rained. It poured! Huge heavy wet rain and this time the sky got dark and stayed that way. I gave up. I gave in.

The sheets are still out there… and it’s still raining on and off. They are getting an extra rinse, or so I tell myself. Isn’t frost supposed to whiten whites too? Because as much as I’d like to think I might drag the soggy washing in the house tonight and try to erect some contraption to dry it all… I’m pretty sure I won’t.

But it’s not my fault… It’s the fickle weather. Taunting me, teasing me, telling me to go outside, hang the washing, enjoy the sunshine! Your dreams have come true, spring is here early! Then blowing a raspberry right in my face and spluttering me with big wet drops.

It’s ok though…. the weather might think it has got me beat, but it hasn’t. You see rain, lots of lovely, wet, rain, that runs off our roof and into our tanks, rain means I can have a bath, a big hot bath. Not even a mountain of wet washing can get you down when you are soaking in a nice hot bath!

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  1. Hayley Penny says

    I had to laugh with you, I often feel the same and it’s amazing how the washing tends to be the focus when the sun slightly appears.