What Can We Do Today? Blow Painting.

What with wrecked backs and sick kids and crossing off number one on my list I’d totally forgotten to blog this fun blow painting activity that we tried way back in the term 3 holidays!

blow painting

You’ll Need –
Watered down paint, food colouring or liquid water colours.
A cup or container for each colour.
A spoon or icy-pole stick for each colour.
Straws – one for each child.


Make sure your paint mix is runny enough to move freely on the paper. Add some food colours to regular tempera paint if you want really bright vibrant colours.

Spoon out a little bit of paint onto your paper, then pick up your straw and BLOW BLOW BLOW! Moving your straw while blowing will make interesting patterns in the paint and blowing one colour of paint into another is interesting too!


Preschool aged kids or older will enjoy this one and can be fairly self sufficient once the activity is set up and you show them what to do.

The two year old in this house had loads of fun having a go. It took him a little while to work out the difference between sucking and blowing, and there was a fair bit of spit mixed in with his paint at the end. He got a little frustrated that his painting wasn’t moving how he wanted it too and in the end enjoyed using his fingers and a paint brush better than blowing through the straw!

Lots of fun for everyone!

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  1. amanda says

    Loved it! Well, probably even more than 3 y.o. Princess G did, who decided in the end that we would paint with the straws. Will definitely give this, and the bubble painting a go & when I get my big roll of brown paper we will make our wrapping paper with these techniques.

    • Kelly says

      I do the blow painting with my students who have significant disabilities and are unable to blow through a straw – using a hair dryer. I hook the hair dryer up to a switch so one student can run the switch and a peer can run the hair dryer. It makes great tree branches!


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