Imaginative Play – The Frog Pond

The frogs are jumping in this pond…. perhaps because of the big lizards who are waiting on the side to eat them?

We can hear lots of frogs outside at the moment, but we can never find them! So we set up this really simple imaginative play scene, based on my boy’s current interests, frogs!

You’ll Need…

  • A low sided tub – we used a tub from our Ikea trofast.
  • An old towel under the tub to catch the drips.
  • Some stones, a small long and some greenery. We stuck some of our greenery in an upturned yoghurt container with a hole in the bottom to make a ‘tree’
  • A tiny amount of water – just a centimetre of two is enough for lots of fun, but not enough to make a really huge mess!
  • Some frogs and/or other pond creatures.

My boy loved jumping the frogs off things into the water, feeding the leaves and of course the lizard ate a few!

You could also have fun with this set up and singing a few frog related songs, since there are so many! We shared some frog sing ideas along with our printable frog puppets.

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  1. Limor says

    Okay stop now!! you are making me feel really really bad about what i have out for the kids.

    Love it though!!

  2. says

    Wow! So creative! I’m impressed!

    Happy WW!

    If you have time please stop by my site too! I’ve got my WW post up too! And I also have a great give away going right now for Boogie Wipes! Greatest invention since sliced bread!